My Favorite Winter Hats for Modern Moms

winter hats for modern moms DC motherhood blog

It has been so incredibly cold. I can honestly say I haven’t left the house since before Christmas without a hat. Luckily I have a bunch! I shared my favorite hats for babies and toddlers so I figured since most of the country is suffering from this crazy weather I would share my favorite winter hats for moms too.

winter hats for modern moms DC motherhood blog

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I picked up a bunch of these hats during the holidays. It is my favorite time to buy hats because stores always mark them down for stocking stuffers so you can usually find a good deal!

winter hats for modern moms DC motherhood blog

Here are my favorite hats for modern moms:

Pom Hats

I am so happy that these hats are in style. I think they are so cute with the faux fur pom pom on the top. This hat is so comfortable and is definitely my go to on the coldest day. I love the fun pink fur on the top — it’s light so I don’t even notice it’s there. Plus, the pom is larger than most so it doesn’t fall to the side. The one I have is sold out but here is a similar option.

winter hats for modern moms DC motherhood blog

Knit Beanies

This Honeycomb-knit beanie is my go-to hat for work and more professional situations, and you can’t beat the price! It is a classic look so I don’t feel weird showing up to a client meeting with it on. It is super soft and a neutral color so it can be worn with just about anything. It’s also great for date night!

winter hats for modern moms DC motherhood blog

Winter Pattern Cap

You know those days where you don’t have time to wash your hair or get dressed up? This plaid cap is my go-to hat for those days. Baseball caps are great for dry shampoo days and I love the fun plaid it’s the perfect pattern for winter. This hat is from Love Your Melon. If you haven’t heard of them you should check them out. They have an amazing platform as a company dedicated to giving a hat to every child battling cancer in America and they support nonprofit organizations who lead the fight against pediatric cancer with 50% of profits going to those organizations. That is a company I can get behind! I love the pom hats and beanies at this shop too. They sell out quick though so if you find one you like scoop it up or you might miss out like I did!

winter hats for modern moms DC motherhood blog

Do you have a favorite winter hat? Share your favorite winter hats for modern moms in the comments!

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