A Fun & Colorful Dr. Seuss Themed Birthday Party

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It took me way too long to put this post together but having a baby right around the holidays doesn’t leave me with a lot of time to work with! Plus there are SO many details in this post. This year we planned a fun & colorful Dr. Seuss themed birthday party for our (growing way too fast) two-year-old. I had a ton of fun putting everything together. I have to give my mom a special shout-out because she did most of the decorations —  and I think they came out amazing.

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This party was all about fun and color. We decided on the Dr. Seuss themed birthday party because Aiden loves Dr. Seuss books. They are his favorite bedtime stories (the more tongue-twisty the better 😆 ) I love the bright and bold colors and patterns of Dr. Seuss and thought they would be perfect for his age. Plus, I don’t like being so literal with his parties. We held the party at his grandparent’s house because we had a fairly large guest list and they have more space than we do. We ended up with about 12 kids ranging from 1-5 so it was chaotic but so much fun and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Dr. Seuss Invitations

I actually designed the party around the invitations that Pretty Little Paper Co. designed for our party based on an existing baby shower invitation she has. She went with a Seuss-y introduction that I think is perfect:

“I can’t believe it! Can it be true? Aiden is turning two!”

Dr. Seuss Themed Birthday-DC-Motherhood-Blog

The invitation had a mix of red and white polka dots and blue stripes which I added throughout all the decorations.

Pretty Little Paper Co. has so many amazing designs I will definitely be back for future invitation needs!

Dr. Seuss Themed Birthday-DC-Motherhood-Blog

Dr. Seuss Inspired Outfit

Cuddle Sleep Dream is always my first stop for any special occasion. I absolutely love the suspenders and snap-on tie shirts for our little guy. She has a Dr. Suess first birthday onesie and I really wanted to pair it with the pants from a fish birthday outfit (because of one fish two fish!) she has so she amazingly accommodated my request and I had a full Dr. Suess inspired outfit. Use AIDEN12 to save on your Cuddle Sleep Dream outfit!

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Dr. Seuss Themed Snacks

Since we didn’t do a major lunch we provided a lot of snacks. We had three separate party areas so we separated everything into three bowls and placed a bowl in each party area. Our Dr. Seuss snacks included:

  • Colorful goldfish (what toddler doesn’t love goldfish)
  • Red and white-ish terra chips
  • Sweedish fish

Dr. Seuss Lunch Ideas

We held the party in the early afternoon so we kept our menu to basic lunch items and lots of snacks. I based all the menu items on things you find in Dr. Seuss books. Our Dr. Seuss lunch menu included:

  • A deli platter with ham, turkey, cheese and ‘roast beast’
  • ‘Green’ deviled eggs (recipe below)
  • Beer-braised beef short ribs with pickled vegetables, aged cheddar, and horseradish by Tom Collichio (recipe here)
  • Small whole wheat and white sandwich rolls

Dr. Seuss Themed Birthday-DC-Motherhood-Blog

How to make ‘green’ deviled eggs:


  1. 1 dozen hard-boiled eggs
  2. 1 tsp Dijon mustard
  3. 3 tbsp mayo (we made our own but any will do)
  4. Paprika for garnish
  5. Green food coloring
  6. 1 tsp of white wine vinegar
  7. Pinch of salt


  1. Boil eggs & peel.
  2. Slice peeled eggs in half.
  3. Separate yolks and smash them.
  4. Add dijon mustard, mayo, and salt to egg yolks and mix well.
  5. Add green food coloring until you get the color you desire (we had a lighter green).
  6. Add yolk mixture to a plastic bag, cut the corner, and pipe the egg mixture into the egg halves.
  7. Sprinkle paprika.

Dr. Seuss Themed Desserts

We had plenty of Dr. Seuss themed desserts available. I always think birthday parties are a great excuse to bring out all the sweets since we don’t normally indulge at home.

Dr. Seuss Themed Birthday-DC-Motherhood-Blog

Our Dr. Seuss themed desserts included:

  • Dr. Seuss Kabobs (we needed something somewhat healthy 😉 ) — We used strawberries and marshmallows to make this dessert inspired by the Cat in the Hat.
  • Red velvet cookies
  • Lorax cookies — I got Nutterbutter cookies and used icing to add mustaches and little googly eyes. So super-simple.
  • A birthday cake (obvi) — We got a simple Wegman’s sheet cake that they wrote a Dr. Suess inspired two and left space at the tops for these amazing centerpieces my mom made.

Dr. Seuss Themed Birthday-DC-Motherhood-BlogDr. Seuss Themed Birthday-DC-Motherhood-Blog

Dr. Seuss Themed Birthday Party Decorations

I could probably go on about the decorations for days. We had so many Dr. Suess themed party decorations. When I told my mom that we chose a Dr. Seuss themed birthday party, she may have been more excited than me! As I said before I didn’t want the party to be literally Dr. Suess but rather Dr. Suess inspired. Other than the invitations and a large neoprene Cat and the Hat balloon the only other characters came from books.

Dr. Seuss Themed Birthday-DC-Motherhood-Blog


We have a ton of Dr. Suess books so I used them throughout the house and as centerpieces in the three-party areas, I described above.

Dr. Seuss Themed Birthday-DC-Motherhood-Blog

Truffala trees:

My mom created Truffalo trees with tissue paper, character printouts, and paper straws. We spread these throughout the house and used them as centerpieces.

Dr. Seuss Themed Birthday-DC-Motherhood-Blog

How to make Truffala Trees:


  • Red or white tissue paper
  • Colored drinking straws
  • Thick wooden skewers (found in most major grocery stores)
  • Large plastic drinking cups
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Floral styrofoam


  1. Cut tissue in 10×10 squares.
  2. Accordion fold 4 sheets of 10×10 tissue paper.
  3. Tie in the center with a pipe cleaner.
  4. Cut corners off the end of the folded paper to make a point.
  5. Carefully separate each layer of tissue paper to create the flower.
  6. Attach flower to end of the wooden skewer, using the ends of the wrapped pipe cleaner.
  7. Slip straw over the skewer.
  8. Cut floral styrofoam so that it fits in the base of the plastic cup.
  9. Stick straw covered skewer into the styrofoam.
  10. Add cut paper strips into top of the plastic cup to cover the styrofoam

Dr. Seuss Themed Birthday-DC-Motherhood-Blog


I found this fun Happy Birthday banner from Boebee on Amazon. It screamed Dr. Suess to me and it helped break up a little bit of the blue white and red I had going on. I used it in one of the party spaces. She also had a perfect red and white polka dot garland that we hung up.

Dr. Seuss Themed Birthday-DC-Motherhood-Blog

Face banner:

I did a face banner last year for Aiden’s first birthday and it was too cute not to do it again this year. Plus, the Cat in the Hat really lends itself to this fun project. I used this banner in the main party space so it was a focal point of the decorations.

Dr. Seuss Themed Birthday-DC-Motherhood-Blog


I stuck with blue and red for all the tableware. I mixed in stripes and polka dots with solids for accents. I found this fun polka-dot paper in the Clearance section of Michaels and it was a perfect runner for our buffet.

Dr. Seuss Themed Birthday-DC-Motherhood-Blog

Dr. Suess Themed Party Favors

With so many kids I knew I had to have fun party favors. We put the following items in simple red and white polka dot bags:

  • Rubber ducks with Dr. Seuss hats I found on Amazon
  • A snack package of colorful Goldfish
  • Dr. Suess notebooks I found on Amazon
  • Little packages of playdough I found in the dollar section at Target but I found them on Amazon (they come in packs of four and I split them up)

Dr. Seuss Themed Birthday-DC-Motherhood-BlogDr. Seuss Themed Birthday-DC-Motherhood-Blog

I created a fun little thank you tag to attach to the bags. Sign up for my mailing list below to get these for your own personal use.

Dr. Seuss themed birthday party printable favor tag-DC-motherhood-blog

Overall it was an amazing day full of fun, great friends, good food, and lots of color! If you are planning a Dr. Seuss Themed Birthday Party I hope you can use some of these ideas. Please let me know how your party goes!

Dr. Seuss Themed Birthday-DC-Motherhood-Blog

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Dr. Seuss party decorations | Dr. Seuss party food | Dr. Suess Party DIY | Dr. Seuss Party Printables #momlife #kidsparty #toddler #DIY

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