How to Make the Perfect Sous Vide Summer Ice Coffee Recipe

Sous vide ice coffee recipe by popular DC mommy blogger Baby Castan on Board

Ever since we welcomed Aiden into our lives, Dan and I have been running on coffee. Of course, it’s not practical to run out to the coffee shop every day so we (mostly he) have been experimenting with different coffee recipes and techniques to find the best coffee. Dan received a precision cooker for Christmas and decided to try making an ice coffee recipe with it since it is my must-have in the warm spring and summer months. It turns out it is really, really good! He finally perfected the recipe/technique so I thought I would share it here. This is our sous vide summer ice coffee recipe.Sous vide ice coffee recipe by popular DC mommy blogger Baby Castan on Board

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If you are not familiar with the precision cooker, it is a kitchen tool that circulates water at a precise temperature to cook items throughout at an even temperature. Although most people might believe it is only used for meat, really anything can be sous vide. All you need is a large pot, precision cooker, and plastic pouch or a glass jar for the food. The great thing about the precision cooker is that you can set it and forget it so it’s great for busy parents.

Sous Vide Summer Ice Coffee Recipe


  • 1 cup ground coffee we use Zeke's, a small batch coffee roastery in Washington, DC
  • 3 cups filtered water
  • For an extra delicious ice coffee use distilled water and add a packet of Third Wave Water. This is optional but definitely recommended if you are a coffee snob 😆


  1. Pre-heat precision cooker to 150 degrees.
  2. Add coffee and water to a quart size mason jar.
  3. Shake for 30 seconds.
  4. Once the precision cooker reaches 150 degrees add the mason jar to the water.
  5. Make sure the water comes to the base of the cap of the mason jar.
  6. Cook for 2 hours.
  7. After 2 hours strain the coffee through a sieve.
  8. Place in refrigerator until cold.
  9. Pour coffee over ice, add cream and sugar if desired.

Sous vide ice coffee recipe by popular DC mommy blogger Baby Castan on Board

Sous vide ice coffee recipe by popular DC mommy blogger Baby Castan on Board

Sous vide ice coffee recipe by popular DC mommy blogger Baby Castan on Board

Tip: We brew coffee and freeze it in an ice cube tray so our ice coffee doesn’t get watered down. 

This recipe makes three cups of coffee. When it first comes out of the precision cooker you can see the difference in the color. The deeper the color the more flavorful it is. The coffee is very smooth, more so than regular brewed coffee, and you can actually taste the different flavors that are advertised in the coffee blend. It’s really amazing! I love adding a little almond milk to my ice coffee.Sous vide ice coffee recipe by popular DC mommy blogger Baby Castan on Board

If you aren’t an ice coffee fan, or if you love ice tea you can use the same method to brew a large batch of ice tea. Simply add 4 bags to 4 cups of water in a quart mason jar and cook it at 150 degrees for two hours.

We typically make two mason jars of coffee and one of ice tea at a time. It usually gets us through 4-5 days. I love that it tastes amazing and saves us a step in the morning because it is pre-made!

What do you think of this summer ice coffee recipe? If you have a precision cooker have you ever tried ice coffee in it? I would love to hear in the comments!

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