Small Shop Spotlight: Cuddle Sleep Dream

Did this month fly by for anyone else? It seems like last week I was writing my last small shop spotlight on Layla Bug Design, but it is that time again! I love supporting small mama owned businesses and sharing them with you. This month I am spotlighting Cuddle Sleep Dream, a shop that specializes in special occasion outfits for boys. Make sure you read to the end for a promo code and a shop credit giveaway!

I love supporting small mama owned businesses and sharing them. I am spotlighting Cuddle Sleep Dream. They make special occasion outfits for boys.

I have to admit when I found out I was pregnant I was secretly hoping for a boy. Of course, any healthy baby would be amazing, but I really wanted a boy. The only downside to having a boy, in my mind, was that they didn’t have the same adorable baby clothes that the baby girls have (and I think we all know how much I love to shop). Cuddle Sleep Dream changed that for me. This shop is my go-to for every special occasion outfit and is starting to creep into his everyday clothes too.

I love supporting small mama owned businesses and sharing them. I am spotlighting Cuddle Sleep Dream. They make special occasion outfits for boys with snap-on ties and bow ties.

I truly wish I would have learned about CSD earlier. I found Ryann, who owns Cuddle Sleep Dream on Facebook around Aiden’s first birthday and she had the most perfect outfit for Aiden’s Lumberjack theme first birthday and cake smash photo shoot. Of course, I instantly fell in love with EVERYTHING in her shop. If I ever have another boy I will absolutely shop here from the beginning. From  coming home outfits, to baptism outfits, to birthday outfits, to weddings, and even things for everyday Cuddle Sleep Dream has the best stuff. Her 3-month and full-year gift sets are perfect baby shower gifts!

If you have read this blog or follow me on Instagram  you have probably seen a lot of Cuddle Sleep Dream especially around the holidays.  The cute bodysuits with suspenders and ties/bow ties? The cardigans?  They are all from Cuddle Sleep Dream.

The Cuddle Sleep Dream bodysuits are extra special and amazing because the ties/bow ties snap on and are interchangeable with any CSD bodysuit or tee. You can buy one of the bodysuits or tees and then buy several ties for all your special occasions. She carries newborn bodysuits through boys Size 8 t-shirts so once you’ve bought the ties you will only have to buy new tees or bodysuits to attach them to as your little one grows up. There is also the option to get a neck strap so you can use the ties on your own collared shirts.

I love supporting small mama owned businesses and sharing them. I am spotlighting Cuddle Sleep Dream. They make special occasion outfits for boys with snap-on ties and bow ties.

Cuddle Sleep Dream is not just great for bodysuits/tees and ties. She also makes her own cardigans as I referenced above. She created her own pattern to make a bodysuit style cardigan which looks so adorable. The buttons do not work so there is no awkward bunching or opening if your little one has a Buddha belly like Aiden 🙂  In addition to the cardigans she also has leggings and shorties which are so soft and comfortable. I love that they coordinate with the ties and suspenders.

Ryann also does custom work. If you need something to fit with a first birthday theme she can help create something just for you. I actually asked her if she could make a replica of Dan’s uniform top for the National Police Week 5K that we participate in as part of Police Week. She did an incredible job! It is so special and made Dan’s day when he saw it. Cuddle Sleep Dream is a big part of all of our special occasions.

I wanted to give you a chance to learn more about the amazing mama behind this shop so I asked Ryann some questions.

1. Tell me a little bit about your background.

Hi! I am Ryann (pronounced like Ryan), the mom/owner behind Cuddle Sleep Dream.  My path to running my own shop was pretty unusual I think!  I studied Political Communication and Statistics at GWU, hoping to work on political campaigns.  But by the time I graduated, I realized that I wanted to have more of a family life than working on campaigns would allow.  I married my high school sweetheart and worked as a civilian for the Navy doing contracts for 5 years.  Then, I left DC to be closer to our parents and worked at a digital marketing agency in Philly.  I got pregnant with my 1st son while I was there.  I loved that job and was really looking forward to coming back after he was born, but as they say, “having a baby changes everything”.

2. Why did you start Cuddle Sleep Dream?

CSD opened on Etsy in 2010 as a hobby. I sold baby blankets and gifts as a creative outlet while I was working at the Navy.  After my son Jason was born in June 2012, I started sewing little outfits for him right away.  While I was home on maternity leave, I was counting down the days and feeling so sad about leaving him and trying to figure out if there was something I could do to stay home longer.  Meanwhile, when I was out at craft fairs and malls, I was getting really frustrated by the lack of cute boy things! I was so excited about my baby boy and it felt like retailers didn’t feel the same.  So I started listing the cute things I made for him in my “blanket shop” and that was the beginning of today’s CSD.

3. What is the meaning behind the name?

The name, Cuddle Sleep Dream, came from my original shop, which sold minky (aka cuddle fabric) baby blankets.  I didn’t realize how well the new boy clothes were going to do, or I might have changed it back then! But it’s cute anyway, so it stuck 😉

4. What is your favorite part about owning Cuddle Sleep Dream?

I never thought I wanted to run my own business, but I seriously love it every day.  The absolute best part is being able to work from home with my boys nearby.  But the challenges of growing the business, the fun of creating new outfits, and the flexibility it’s given my family are all amazing.  I am so thankful that I get to call this my job!

5. Why should people shop small?

Simply put, shopping small makes dreams come true!  When someone supports my business, they are also supporting at least 10 other small business owners who I employ as contractors – that’s a lot of women being able to support our families! And from a quality perspective, I hope our small shop customers can tell how much love and care is put into everything we handmake.

You absolutely need to check this shop out. I know you will love it as much as I do! You can find Cuddle Sleep Dream on Instagram and Facebook. There is also a VIP Group on Facebook where you can get sneak peeks, VIP only limited edition items, and first notice about sales.

I love supporting small mama owned businesses and sharing them. I am spotlighting Cuddle Sleep Dream. They make special occasion outfits for boys.

Cuddle Sleep Dream is generously offering Baby Castan on Board readers 10% off using the code AIDEN10. Additionally, one reader will win a $25 shop credit to Cuddle Sleep Dream. Fill out the RaffleCopter widget below by Monday, June 5.

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Do you have any favorite small shops? Let me know in the comments so I can check them out!

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I love supporting small mama owned businesses and sharing them. I am spotlighting Cuddle Sleep Dream. They make special occasion outfits for boys with snap-on ties and bow ties.
I love supporting small mama owned businesses and sharing them. I am spotlighting Cuddle Sleep Dream. They make special occasion outfits for boys with snap-on ties and bow ties.




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    These little outfits are TOO cute! I love small shops!

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      Me too Shannon! I love them haha

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    These are adorable! Makes me wish I had a boy! My friends with boys would love these!

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      They make great gifts Dierdre 😉 I didn’t realize you only had girls. Thank you for stopping by 🙂

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    These are just the cutest!! I so wish I would have had these for my little guy when he was a baby!

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    Those are amazing outfits. I wish I knew of Cuddle Sweet Dream when my boy was younger. But, now I have a great place to go for gifts!!

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      Yes! This is a perfect gift for a new boy mom especially because a lot of people don’t know about this shop! I didn’t find it until Aiden was almost one.

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      Thank you! I love the lumberjack party theme — so fun!

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    The body suits look so comfy & cute for the lil one..Loved every outfit & yes your boy looks damn cute

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      Thank you! They are very comfortable. Even the ties and cardigans don’t bother my little guy!

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      Thank you! This has been one of my favorite shops for some time!

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      Yes! I agree. These outfits are so comfortable for my little guy and the tie is not obtrusive and doesn’t dangle. It’s also easily removable.

  • Tamara Goyette

    I love shopping small and local. These pieces from this company are so sweet.

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      Me too! It feels great to be supporting other mamas!

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    Everything here is so precious! I’m having a baby and my best friend is having a baby and I want everything for us!
    addictedtorodeo at gmail dot com
    Ashley C

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