Packing All The Toddler Things For a Day Out

If you have taken an older baby or toddler anywhere outside your home you have probably realized:

    1. How many toddler things you need to bring AND
    2. How fun it is for your baby/toddler to drop items from their high chair, stroller, car seat, grocery store cart — the list goes on and on (I know Aiden think it’s hilarious)
If you have taken toddler anywhere outside your home you have probably realized how man things you need to bring. Here are tips for packing toddler things.
Disclosure: I received the Snack N’ Sip and Keepeez from Nuby at no cost in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are included, which means if you make a purchase I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. I only write about products I love. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog.


I was so excited when Nuby offered me solutions for both of these problems with the  Snack N’ Sip 2 in 1 Cup and the Keepeez Adjustable Bottle/Cup Strap.  These two items now come with us anywhere we go — from the zoo to restaurants to hiking and really anywhere else!

If you have taken toddler anywhere outside your home you have probably realized how man things you need to bring. Here are tips for packing toddler things.

As I mentioned these products help me solve two issues and I decided to include them in one post because they are both related to taking a baby or toddler out of the house. The first issue is how much stuff you have to remember to bring when you leave. I suffer from serious baby brain (still) and I can’t tell you how many times I have forgotten to pack something.

If you have taken toddler anywhere outside your home you have probably realized how man things you need to bring. Here are tips for packing toddler things.

I love that the Snack N’ Sip cup is a 2 in 1 product.   I am a big fan of anything that is 2 in 1, especially when it comes to toddler related things. The cup holds 9 oz of liquid in the bottom section and 4.5 oz of dry snacks in the top section. Aiden can drink and snack from the same container (and he does!) The straw is very cool. It is made of soft silicone and the valve opens with lip pressure which means the flow rate is controlled by the toddler. Of course, it is BPA free, so totally safe for toddlers to use. I like that I can fill this cup with Aiden’s drink and snack so I don’t have to remember to bring two separate containers; plus, it’s compact and doesn’t take up as much space as it would if I brought a cup and a package with a snack. Also, Aiden loves to eat so if he sees a large package of crackers he is going to want to eat the whole thing. This means the Snack N’ Sip helps with portion control.

So once you are out of the house (hopefully with all the toddler things you need) your toddler may find it funny to throw his water or milk off the side of whatever it is sitting on. I feel like every time we go out with Aiden we are picking his milk off the floor and trying to sanitize it the best we can before we give it back. The Keepeez is a durable harness that prevents cups from dropping on the floor. You can see that it can be used on many different kinds of cups including the Snack N’ Sip (which doesn’t pop open easily by the way).  It keeps cups from dropping using a durable harness with an adjustable, spring powered push-button. Aiden can’t remove the strap from the cup because of the push button. We even use it on our baby carrier because it is the perfect solution for staying hydrated during walks. I love all the fun colors and patterns. The one we have goes perfectly with his Snack N’ Sip.

In addition to the Snack N’ Sip and KeepEez here are some other tips for remembering all the toddler things when you leave the house:

  1. Use one diaper bag so you don’t have to fill and refill different bags.
  2. Have dedicated items for your diaper bag and have at least two of everything (travel plates, change of clothes, sippy cup, diapers, travel wipes) and keep one of everything in the diaper bag. If you use something when you go out you can replace it right away while the other is being cleaned. For more information, see this post on what we pack in our diaper bag.
  3. When you come home figure out what needs to be replaced and replace it at that time while it is fresh in your mind. We used to always run out of diapers and wipes when we went out because we wouldn’t replace them when we got home and forgot to replace them when we go out.
  4. Give yourself plenty of time to get out of the house that way you aren’t rushing around and more likely to forget things!
  5. Have a checklist by the door of things you need so right before you go out you can take a look and make sure you aren’t missing anything.
  6. Have an emergency stash in your car. We have a box in each of our cars with wipes, diapers, and a change of clothes — just in case.

What kinds of toddler things do you have to pack when you go out?

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If you have taken toddler anywhere outside your home you have probably realized how man things you need to bring. Here are tips for packing toddler things.


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  • Baby products just keep getting cooler and cooler! Buying one of these next time I’m at Target!

  • I wish they had that cup and strap when my kids were little! I like that it helps you serve them the right portions too.

  • Kyler Davenport

    Such good tips. I always try to keep my diaper bag stocked but occasionally I forget to replace things that I use. A checklist is a great idea, I’m definitely going to make one!!

  • Jhilmil Bhansali

    Its really fun for kids to drop things from top;). A perfect list for a great day trip!

  • Shannon Marie

    These cups look really cool! Great idea!

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