Personalized Kid’s Book Review: Kingdom of You

I love personalized kid’s books. I think they are so special and make reading a lot of fun for kids. A few months ago I wrote a post about our favorite personalized kid’s books from the company Wonderbly. Well, they just came out with a new book, Kingdom of You, and sent a copy to me (for Aiden) so I could read, review, and share with you.

Disclosure: I received the Kingdom of You book from Lost My Name at no cost in exchange for my honest review. I only write about products I love. There are also affiliate links included in this post. This means if you make a purchase I may make a small commision at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog.


Kingdom of You is a fun story about a little boy named Aiden who is tired of being told what to do (especially laundry). He meets a genie in his laundry and is granted three wishes. His first wish is to be the King of his own kingdom. His next two wishes don’t go quite right (because he doesn’t know how to listen) and he has to figure out a way to get his Kingdom back in order. In the end he realizes he needs help and using his own smarts, the help of others, and a secret fourth wish the genie didn’t tell him about everything goes back to normal.

When I ordered the book I was able to select a boy character with blond hair (like Aiden) and then I got to choose “characters” and “food” for the wish pages. It was hard to decide between dinosaurs and superheroes for the characters and fruit and chicken for the food monster.  Ultimately, I selected superheroes and chicken; however, there are also lots of other options like animals, princesses, pizza, pasta, and ice cream. You get to see a preview of the pages as you go along and then write a dedication before you finish. The whole process is quick and easy especially considering the detail of the finished product.

We love reading personalized kid's books to our little guy. Here is a review of the new Lost My Name personalized kid's book Kingdom of You.


Kingdom of You, like the other Lost My Name books, really stands out as far as personalized books go because of the content of the story and the level of detail that is personalized in each book. Most of the personalized books I have seen are generic and the name is the only personal touch throughout the book. There are 96 different possible combinations for Kingdom of You – and that doesn’t include the personalized name! It would be rare to find two identical versions and if you have more than one child the same story would likely be different. The story is interesting and has a story arc with a cohesive beginning, middle, and end.  That may sound funny, but if you have read as many children’s books as I have you will know why this is an important consideration – many children’s books lack a story line, so Kingdom of You is a fun one for us parents to read too. The illustrations are colorful and engaging.

I love the level of detail of everything in Kingdom of You.  On the page where it introduces Aiden as the king, his name is pictured at least 14 times (Dan and I had fun trying to find them all). You can read the book many times (and we do) and still find something new every time you read it. Sometime along the way we noticed a stamp, statue, and portrait that had King Aiden on it!

We love reading personalized kid's books to our little guy. Here is a review of the new Lost My Name personalized kid's book Kingdom of You.

This is the page that has Aiden written in 14 different places and a stamp, statue, and photo Aiden’s character!

I love that Kingdom of You promotes imagination and creativity. As Aiden gets older I know this will become one of his favorite books. I do think this book is a bit more mature compared to the original The Little Boy Who Lost His Name book that we have, but that is ok, because he will enjoy it for a long time.

Kingdom of You makes a great gift (you can even add confetti gift wrap to your order if you are giving it as a gift). You might think that given the extensive personalization it might take a long time to get the book after ordering it, but the standard turnaround time is about a week with free shipping. There are also faster shipping options available if you need your book sooner.

Overall, this is another great book from Lost My Name. You can get your own copy of Kingdom of You (or any of the other Wonderbly books) here. Don’t forget to check out their not-so-secret offers page for deals!

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We love reading personalized kid's books to our little guy. Here is a review of the new Lost My Name personalized kid's book Kingdom of You.
We love reading personalized kid's books to our little guy. Here is a review of the new Lost My Name personalized kid's book Kingdom of You.

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    I had never heard of this company! That is such a cool idea, and I love the colors in this book. I will definitely have to check it out. 🙂