9 Second Baby Registry Essentials You Can’t Live Without

9 Second Baby Registry Essentials featured by top US mommy blog, Baby Castan on Board

I remember the first time I created a baby registry. I had NO idea what I needed so I relied on the recommended “lists” provided by the stores I registered with and basically registered for everything. Thankfully, I had many helpful friends who pointed me in the right direction, and no surprise —  those are the items I used the most. With baby number two on the way I have a much better idea of exactly what I need and I figured I would pass along that little wisdom to you. Here is what’s on my second baby registry, scroll down for all the info!

9 Second Baby Registry Essentials featured by top US mommy blog, Baby Castan on Board

I decided to register at Amazon and Target. The majority of items I need are available on Amazon, plus you can add things from other websites to your Amazon registry. I created one at Target because I wanted to take advantage of the completion discount and there are some items that are Target exclusives. Both have great welcome gifts as well.

9 Second Baby Registry Essentials featured by top US mommy blog, Baby Castan on Board

Here are my 9 Second Baby Registry Must Haves:

DockATot Deluxe+

I already have the Dock A Tot Deluxe from when Aiden was a baby, but it is still in it’s original (not-so) “pristine” white cover. I added a new cover to my registry. I am obsessed with the black and white buffalo plaid.

Hatch Baby Grow

If you’ve been following for a while you might know that we struggled with Aiden gaining weight for a period of time. This caused a lot of stress and anxiety. I wrote about ways to know whether your baby is getting enough breastmilk here — and one of the ways is to weigh baby before and after feeding. With Aiden, we used a regular baby scale, this time I got the Hatch Baby Grow. This changing table pad not only weighs baby, but also tracks health metrics such as feeding, sleep, growth, and diaper changes so I won’t need an extra app to track those items.

Frida Baby 3-in-1 Humidifier, Diffuser & Nightlight

I love Frida Baby products and this three-in-one product will be perfect for our bedroom, which double as baby’s nursery.

Rock ‘n Play Sleeper with Smart Connect

Amazingly, the Rock ‘n Play was not on my original registry list until I started talking to moms and literally every one of them recommended it. We got the one that vibrated, but you had to rock yourself and I remember Dan falling asleep in Aiden’s room while rocking him in the thing. Upgrading to the Rock ‘n Play Sleeper with Smart Connect which auto-rocks was a no-brainer (it actually didn’t make it to my registry list because I just bought it 😆 )


Give me all the swaddles. I am adding several different swaddles to my registry including the Woombie and Zipadee-zip — these were very must-haves with Aiden when he was a baby.

Summer Infant Wide View 2.0 Baby Video Monitor plus Extra Camera

We used a regular audio monitor with Aiden and it was OK but now that Aiden is in a bed instead of a crib, we opted for a video monitor. My main concern with video monitors is that they can be easy to hack into if you have one that connects to the internet. This one does not. It comes with a handheld video monitor so you don’t have to worry about someone hacking in.  Since the baby will be in our room we also needed something that could connect to multiple cameras which this one does!

Pack ‘n Play Newborn Napper

With the baby’s space also being our space we have to be as space conscious as possible. This Pack ‘n Play is perfect for naps and nighttime diaper changes especially because it has storage space underneath.

Fisher Price Space Saving High Chair

You might notice a theme with a lot of the products on my registry. They are all about saving space! We spent a lot of time after the holidays organizing, purging, and maximizing the space we have in preparation for living as a family of four in our small townhouse. I was thrilled to find this space-saving high chair that will attach to one of our kitchen table chairs. It is much more compact than the larger high chair we used with Aiden!

Storage Containers

Newborns come with lots of little pieces especially when it comes to feeding (both breast feeding and bottle feeding). Steamers, food processors, bottles, and breastfeeding supplies all take up a lot of cabinet space. Using storage containers like these Oxo Good Grips containers, these mDesign storage bins, and these stackable containers are really helpful in clearing up space while making is less stressful to find things.

Rechargeable Batteries

I can’t begin to tell you the number of items that require AA or AAA batteries in our home. With the addition of another baby, that number is only going to increase. I learned a little too late with Aiden that having rechargeable batteries saves a lot of money with a newborn so I am stocking up now!

9 Second Baby Registry Essentials featured by top US mommy blog, Baby Castan on Board

These are the items I know I can’t live without this time around. I would love to hear any suggestions that other moms added to their second baby registry in the comments below!

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