Our Favorite Personalized Books

Our Favorite Personalized Books

For Aiden’s first Christmas my mom got Aiden the book The Little Boy Who Lost His Name. It is personalized with his name and it quickly became a favorite in our house for a number of reasons so I wanted to share it with you. The book is from a company called Wonderbly that creates personalized books and other products.


Disclosure: An affiliate link is included in this post. As always, I only write about products I love. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog. I received The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home in exchange for my honest review of the book.


Aiden loves to read. I don’t know if this is because we started reading to him early on as part of his bedtime routine, or if it’s a stage all babies go through, or if it’s just Aiden, but he truly does. This is not something I will ever complain about; however, I will say that some of the books for babies are a little lacking. Some of them have too few words, many have zero actual content, and some are just so outrageous that you can’t even understand what’s going on. Granted as a baby this probably doesn’t really matter, but why can’t baby books be entertaining for both parents and babies?  Forget about trying to find good personalized books with your baby’s name — they usually end up being the most generic books ever!

I was really impressed with The Little Boy Who Lost His Name. It’s the only book that has an actual story line that has captured Aiden’s attention since one month old! Each book is unique not only in that it includes your child’s name, but no two adventures are alike. To get your personalized book you visit the Lost My Name website and add your baby’s name and select a character. You can write a personalized message. Then for each letter of your child’s name, you can choose from two or three characters. Each character takes you on a slightly different direction until you finally end up spelling your child’s name in the end (spoiler alert lol). I love the rhymes and the message of the story. I love to read it to Aiden with different voices for each character which he gets a kick out of.

Here is a short snippet from The Little Boy Who Lost His Name…please enjoy my character voices 😆

You can choose whether you want the traditional softcover or you can upgrade to a softcover with box, hardcover, or hardcover with a case. We have the softcover which is perfectly fine; however, based on the amount we read it, a hardcover would be well worth the money especially with Aiden constantly wanting to play with and read it!


Wonderbly has a second book called The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home, a story about a curious little explorer and home, which I couldn’t wait to get my hands on so I was very excited when they offered to send it to me to read and share my thoughts with you! Again, this book is personalized with your child’s name and you can choose your character. The coolest thing about this book is that you add your address and the publishers use a satellite view to include your actual home in the story! It truly can’t get more personalized than that!  It includes your child’s name, a landmark close to your destination (in our case the White House!), a satellite view of your actual neighborhood, and a few extra personalized touches.

Wonderbly is growing and (in my opinion) setting the bar for the personalized baby product market. They recently came out with Fantastic Firsts milestone cards which are, of course, personalized with your child’s name. I will definitely keep those in mind for baby number two. They also have the Silly Snap! The game with their name on it  and the Lost My Name Alphabet Poster  which helps children learn how to spell their name using the fun characters from the Lost My Name story.

This is a brand I will continue to watch and purchase products from because everything is so special and personal. These personalized books and products make perfect gifts for any occasion. In addition to all their products, I joined their mailing list and they send a lot of fun content and activities you can do with your kids. I also love their Facebook page  (which you know if you follow me because I share their memes all the time).

UPDATE (November 2017) Wonderbly has released several more personalized books this year including personalized birthday and Christmas stories. They are currently running a promotion for buy one get one half off so it’s a great time to get a couple of these books.

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Lost My Name is a company that creates personalized books and other products. A book personalized with his name quickly became a favorite in our house.
Lost My Name is a company that creates personalized books and other products. A book personalized with his name quickly became a favorite in our house.






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