What To Put in a One Year Old’s Easter Basket

I can’t believe that Easter is already right around the corner! This will be Aiden’s second Easter and I am excited to fill up his basket again with lots of fun stuff. He is still too young for chocolate and hunting for things and our home isn’t large enough to accommodate a lot of clutter, so I tried to find small gifts that had an Easter or Spring theme that Aiden could use for awhile. This is what to put in a one year old’s Easter Basket.

I tried to find small gifts that had an Easter or Spring theme that Aiden could use for awhile. This is what to put in a one year old's Easter Basket.

We are reusing the Easter basket we got from Michaels last year. However, I think in the next couple of years it will be too small so I might upgrade to one of these adorable baskets with changeable liners from Pottery Barn Kids.

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This is what is going in our one-year old’s Easter basket this year:

1. The Hunt is On Tee — I love this tee — especially the bright spring colors! It’s so cute and obviously perfect for Easter.
2. Palm Pet — I found this cute chick at Michaels (I can’t find it online, though). You hold it in your hand and it chirps. It’s perfect for a curious one-year-old!
3. Easter Egg Chalk — I also found these colorful chalk Easter eggs. Aiden is just starting to get interested in coloring/drawing so I think he will really enjoy playing with this chalk when the weather warms up.
4. Melissa and Doug Sunny Patch Blossom Bright Bubble Trumpet — Aiden is obsessed with bubbles. I think he is going to love this trumpet. When you blow into it, it creates bubbles and noise (which he also loves).Β  Bonus: this is available as an Amazon add-on item so it’s a reasonably priced Melissa and Doug toy! UPDATE: The Blossom Bright version is sold out but here is a cute chameleon version and it’s still an add-on item!
5. Super Fun Bubble Wand Assortment — Keeping with the bubble theme I found these bubble wands in fun spring shapes.
6. Books — Aiden loves to read so I got him Happy Easter Mouse (from If You Give a Mouse a Cookie). He has the Halloween version of this book (which is SUPER cheap right now if you want to get it for next Halloween) and still likes to read it so I think he will like this one too. I also got him Happy Easter, Curious George because Curious George is just a classic!
7. Bath Crayons — I found these fun bath crayons. Aiden loves bath time so I think he will have fun with these.
8. Zipadee-Zip — Aiden still sleeps in his Zipadee-Zip, mainly because it is like a blanket for him. I found a cute springy pattern so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to pick up a new one.
9. Easter Sippy Cup — I got a decal from Follow Your Arrow and placed it on a munchkin sippy cup. It’s a super easy DIY. Here is a video on how to do it.

Have you started your Easter basket yet? What did you include?

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 I tried to find small gifts that had an Easter or Spring theme that Aiden could use for awhile. This is what to put in a one year old's Easter Basket.


 I tried to find small gifts that had an Easter or Spring theme that Aiden could use for awhile. This is what to put in a one year old's Easter Basket.







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  • Bonnie Marrow

    I love the chalk eggs! My older kids would like those too

  • Susie Liberatore

    This is great. My son is almost two and I find that I can relate to a lot of these items as well. I am excited for Easter this year.

  • Katie Saville

    I will have a 12-month old this Easter, plus I have a 4-year old that hates chocolate or candy of any kind – so I LOVE posts like these with some new ideas! The bubbles and bath crayons are great ideas, and the t-shirt is so cute! I’ve added a few books this year as well.

  • Casey Fossett Powers

    Love the bubble trumpet…how sweet! Great list!

  • Maps & Monograms

    What an adorable basket! I love the idea of giving books in the basket. Great ideas πŸ™‚

  • These items work well in older kids baskets too! I always add a book in my daughters baskets aswell!

  • Meg

    I agree with you on not adding meaningless clutter. I usually use Easter baskets as a way to stock us up on spring/summer consumable things: bubbles, sidewalk chalk, flip-flops, gardening supplies, etc. I do think my boys would LOVE those little palm pets though!

  • Rachel Loza

    These are excellent ideas! And, honestly, I think they’re great for toddler years, too! We try to avoid candy because, well, it sucks. ha!

  • Allison Amos

    My little one will be 1 right before Easter and I haven’t thought about what to do yet but this gave me some great ideas!

  • Babies to Bookworms

    These are great! I love bubbles and chalk for Easter baskets!

  • Great items! I love including clothing in my kids Easter baskets πŸ™‚

  • Hanna J Smith

    Love all these items! I’m always stuck on what to get the kids for easter and valentines day because I don’t want to just give them candy.

  • Great picks! I think I might need some bath crayons in my basket too! πŸ˜›
    Alexandra Christine Blog

  • Brittany McGee

    I’m the worst at Easter baskets so thankyou!

  • caterpillarcorner

    What a fantastic idea for Easter fun! I love the combination of a good book and craft activities.

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