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It is cold here right now. We have had a fairly mild winter until the last week or so and I am ready for it to warm up again. I am counting down the months until summer! Thinking about warm weather got me thinking about our trip to Boston last summer.  It was a business trip for me, but Dan tagged along and brought Aiden. This Boston travel guide is actually written by him.  It includes all his adventures in Boston and things to do with a baby in Boston!

Boston Travel Guide with Baby

By Dan Castan

Melissa had a four-day business trip to Boston for a meeting she was running. Since I had some time available to take off from work and I have family in the area I joined Melissa with Aiden. When Melissa is running one of these meetings she works 12-14 hour days. With this in mind, I had to plan a whole day of keeping Aiden entertained.  Here are some tips for things to do with a baby in Boston.

I did not change Aiden’s daily routine. I fed him his bottles at the normal times and would make it back to the hotel for his two daily naps.


Aiden’s Routine Walks Around Boston

We normally walk with Aiden at least twice a day. The walks are about one-mile to one-and-a-half-miles.  These walks are very necessary to keep Aiden entertained and to help wear him out. He is a very curious little guy and I love feeding into his curiosity, plus the fresh air is great for both of us.

We stayed in the Park Plaza Boston Hotel and Towers, which had plenty of areas to walk around. Here are the places I walked with Aiden to:

  1. Every morning we walked to Mike and Patty’s.  This was a great breakfast restaurant. Aiden and I would share the Goldmine sandwich. By the end of our time in Boston, Aiden was a regular and all the employees knew him! There are plenty of other food options available nearby for other meals too. In fact, we ate a couple of times at the MJ O’Connor’s Irish Pub connected to the Park Plaza Boston.
  2. The Boston Public Garden was great for our morning walks because Aiden could look at all the ducks around the pond and all the different people walking through the park.
  3. Newbury Street is a great shopping area which means there was plenty of people out. I would usually continue Aiden’s morning walk from the Boston Public Park and travel west down Newbury Street. Now that Aiden is ten months old, he is very interactive and loves to flirt and get people’s attention. Newbury Street gave Aiden plenty of opportunity to do both, he would stop people in their tracks to get them to say hello to him. His main attraction, besides his infectious smile, would be waving hello!
  4. The Boston Common, is the oldest public park, at three hundred and fifty years old. It was a great loop to walk around to people watch and to let Aiden socialize. There is a cool old carousel that you can ride. I rode on it with Aiden and I don’t think he was too sure about it. The Boston Common’s is also the start of the freedom trail.
  5. The Freedom Trail, is a two and a half-mile trail which leads you to sixteen different historic sights in Boston. I did not stop for long at each site, but the Freedom Trail offered me an easy path to see some great historic sites as I tried to wear out Aiden.

When we weren’t walking, we were sightseeing Boston!

I had a short list of places I had to see while in Boston so we were on the move a lot. I am glad I brought our Ergo Baby Carrier to travel with Aiden. A couple of the places we went to were most easily accessed by the T (Boston Metro System) and it was much more convenient for me to wear Aiden than try to push him in his stroller. Here are the places we visited:

  1. The Boston Aquarium: I have always loved visiting aquariums and love sharing that with Aiden. The Boston Aquarium has a fantastic exhibit right as you walk into the building of an open-air penguin exhibit. Aiden was so excited seeing all the penguins jumping around and swimming. He was shrieking in excitement! He loved looking at all the colorful fish the aquarium had to offer. There was one tank that had large lobsters running around the bottom of the tank and Aiden was laughing so much.
  2. The Boston Harbor: One of Aiden’s favorite things to look at is water. No matter what we are doing if Aiden sees or hears water he has to stop and find it. The Boston Harbor was a great place for Aiden to see the ocean and all the boats docked in the harbor. The aquarium is located in the harbor, which was fantastic because we could make a day of it.
  3. Faneuil Hall: This has been a meeting place/marketplace since 1743. Besides being a historical place to visit, it is very action packed with shops and the street performers. I caught Aiden dancing to some music that a couple of break dancers were dancing to!
  4. Fenway Park: The oldest Major League Baseball park in America is the home to the Boston Red Sox. Melissa has been a die-hard Red Sox fan since before she can remember. This was a must-see on my to do list. This is the first time I have been to Fenway Park. I thought it was awesome that Aiden and I could share a first together. I brought Aiden in the baby carrier because I knew I would be climbing a lot of stairs and knew my arms would be dead if I held Aiden the whole time. Aiden loved seeing the field, going on top of the green monster and touching Fisk’s foul pole.

things-to-do-with-baby-in-boston-thumbs-upIf we had more time this Boston travel guide would be double the size. There were so many baby-friendly things to do. It was great taking Aiden out to see such a historic city and to share seeing things for the first time with me!

What do you think of this Boston travel guide? Have you been to Boston? What is your favorite kid-friendly thing to do?

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We had four days in Boston over the summer and found there is a lot to do with baby! Here are all the things to do with a baby in Boston.
We had four days in Boston over the summer and found there is a lot to do with baby! Here are all the things to do with a baby in Boston.





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