The Best Gifts for New Dads Roundup

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I know, I know, it’s only mid-October. Why am I writing a post about holiday gifts? Well, as all my Instagram friends keep reminding me there are only four Fridays left until Black Friday, and only nine more weeks until Christmas. Also, I hate shopping at the last minute. I much prefer to figure out what I want to get and then look for the best deals. This post includes the best gifts for new dads plus promo codes to help save some money.

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Even though this year will technically be Aiden’s second Christmas. I don’t think either Dan or I remember much about last Christmas because Aiden was only three weeks old. We spent Christmas in RI and Aiden was so upset the day before we left we almost didn’t go! Not to mention I did my Christmas shopping on Black Friday which was the day before I went into labor, so I didn’t know what Dan would need as a new dad. Needless to say, after 10.5 months I have a pretty good idea of what a new dad could really use this time around.



Here are some gift ideas for new dads.

1. A great pillow: Here’s the thing. With a new baby, you are not going to get much sleep. When you do sleep you want it to be good! Invest in a nice pillow for the hubby. Brookstone has some amazing BioSense pillows. I actually had one before I was pregnant and it makes a huge difference.

2. A Watch: You may have caught my last post Gift Idea for New Dad: JORD Watch. If you didn’t you will definitely want to go back and read it. A watch is essential if you are a new dad. Everything revolves around time. You live your life in cycles around your baby’s needs. I love the Jord watches but if you like a sportier look the G Shock watches are really sturdy and is shock resistent.

3. Hulu Plus and/or Netflix Subscription: During the first few months of Aiden’s life we watched so much Hulu and Netflix! There is a lot of downtime where you can’t really leave the house and you need to find something to do. Thankfully, the original programming on both Netflix and Hulu are really good so we got to watch some really great shows. (Definitely check out the Marvel series on Netflix and The Mindy Project on Hulu! Plus, Gilmore Girls is coming back on Netflix mamas!) With a new baby, you are up at all hours of the day and night so it’s helpful to have something to do. Another great reason to sign up for these is that they have apps so you can watch anywhere.

Hulu is currently offering Hulu Plus plans for $5.99 per month for a year, plus if you use this link you can get two weeks free. There is no date for when it ends so sign up soon. Netflix offers the first month free to new subscribers.

4. PhotoCubes: Many parents take monthly photos for the first 12-months of their baby’s life, but what do you do with them? I love the idea of putting them on these photo cubes from PhotoBarn. There are six sides available for the photos so if you buy two you can fit all twelve months. If your baby isn’t a year old yet, you can always do one block and put the first six months.  Or, check out these photo blocks. I like the blocks because they hold two photos but you can also add patterns on the other sides. I envision this as one of the best gifts for new dads who work in an office because they can be put on a desk. Plus, Photobarn always has great deals going on.

5. Blue Apron: If you have a new baby around the holidays, set your husband up for success by getting a few months worth of Blue Apron food delivery. Even if your husband can cook, it is not going to be easy with a baby around! Aiden was born just three weeks before Christmas and there were nights that we struggled to cook something.

6. Headphones: Dan used headphones a ton when Aiden was first born (and not for the obvious reason you’re thinking of blocking out the cries!) He did a lot of the night shifts with Aiden in the early days and he would use the headphones to watch Hulu/Netflix on his phone or listen to music. Plus if he has a new iPhone, he’s going to need these anyway!

To summarize, here is a roundup of the best gifts for new dads:

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Have you started your shopping list yet? What is on your list for the best gifts for new dads?

This post includes the best gifts for new dads plus promo codes to help save some money.



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