Why a Silicone Mat is a Must Have For Toddler Moms

If you have ever eaten out with a baby who has started solids or a toddler you are probably familiar with the struggle. You don’t want to put the food directly on the table, but you also can’t really give them a plate — if you have done this you know why. That is why my go-to for eating out is a silicone mat like the Nuby Sure grip Miracle Mat. You can check out all my tips for eating out with a toddler here.

Eating out with a baby or toddler doesn't have to be a struggle. Our go-to is silicone mats like the Nuby Sure grip Miracle Mat.

Disclosure: I received a Sure grip Miracle Mat in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are included, which means if you make a purchase I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. I only write about products I love. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog.


The Sure grip Miracle Mat is a plate and placemat in one. It has a built in suction grip that easily seals to the tabletop which means less mess for mom and dad to clean up! The plate is sectioned so you can easily separate food. A silicone mat is flexible so it is not easily broken if you throw it in your bag or if your toddler throws it on the floor. The silicone material helps keep food warm longer which is a great added benefit. I also find that it’s more affordable than some similar products.

We have found for best results you should press down in the center of the plate to remove any air trapped underneath which helps ensure a complete seal. You also want to avoid wiping it with baby wipes which can affect the suction.

We keep a Sure grip Miracle Mat in our diaper bag so whenever we are on the go we have it handy. Once we finish our meal I put any leftover food from his plate on one of ours and wipe the silicone mat with a napkin. When we get home I throw it in the dishwasher — it’s so easy.

Aiden gets really excited anytime we pull out the Sure grip Miracle Mat. He loves to eat so he knows the friendly bear face means food time! We have even started using it at home because he doesn’t throw it off his the side of his highchair.

Nuby is giving away one Nuby Sure grip Miracle Mat to a Baby Castan on Board reader. You can enter using the widget below. The giveaway ends on July 19, 2017. You can get a Nuby Sure grip Miracle Mat at Amazon.com, Babies R Us, TJ Maxx and BJ Wholesale Club.

Eating out with a baby or toddler doesn't have to be a struggle. Our go-to is silicone mats like the Nuby Sure grip Miracle Mat.

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Eating out with a baby or toddler doesn't have to be a struggle. Our go-to is a silicone mat like the Nuby Sure grip Miracle Mat.

Eating out with a baby or toddler doesn't have to be a struggle. Our go-to is a silicone mat like the Nuby Sure grip Miracle Mat.


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  • We just bought a similar mat and it’s awesome. I don’t know why we waited so long. This one is even better because it’s Bear shaped!

    • Melissa

      I agree. I love the bear shape too!

  • Mary Ware | The Mom Friend

    This looks great! I didn’t realize Nuby made a mat like this! Definitely need a silicone mat in my house, my daughter likes to throw her plates!

    • Melissa

      I didn’t either! They make so much more than I ever realized! It seems they have a helpful product for everything.

  • Amanda Kanashiro

    Totally amazing. No more dishes on the floor! Nuby makes great products.

    • Melissa

      I agree and they have something for every stage it seems!

  • Jennifer Schmidt

    These types of mats are awesome! I love that the mat is bear shaped.

  • Kathy Zolondek

    I think these types of plates are great and colorful. My children never liked their food to touch.

  • April Hester Davis

    Love Nuby products. We have a plate similar to this but another brand and it has helped with our daughter who likes to toss her plate on the floor. Thanks for the opportunity to try the Nuby brand.

  • catloverd

    This looks amazing! I would love to win one for my little girl. She just started solids πŸ™‚

  • Brit

    What a cool invention. I would have never thought of this for eating out and now I can’t imagine life without it!

    • Melissa

      I feel the same way!

  • Steph

    The little bear plate design is too cute

  • Angie Edmonds DePue

    I love silicone, so easy to clean!!!!

  • Nafeza2525

    It is easy to clean and just cute of the kid

  • Ashley

    I now have two children, a 4 year old and a nine month old and have never heard of anything like this although I am very familiar, so I thought, with Nuby products. This is a must have for any one with a small child in their life, would also make a great baby shower gift! I will certainly be entering your contest to win one of these cool gadets!

    • Melissa

      Hi Ashley, you are right, this would make a great baby shower gift especially because I think most people go with newborn items so this would be a great thing for a parent to pull out when the baby is ready to start solids!

  • Maddy K Lewis

    Easy to clean and stays put so no messes to clean up! 😊 my 1year old Daughter would love it she thinks its hilarious when shes throwing her food and plate around this would be ideal for any toddler mama!

    • Melissa

      I don’t know why they think it is so funny to throw food — but my little guy is the same way LOL

  • Nia

    They are easy to clean and do not break

  • Brittany Light

    Such a cute design and this will be so easy to clean as well.

    • Melissa

      Yes, I think it’s really cute too!

  • Sara Autenrieth

    My son rips up the other mat we use, as well as the disposable mats. I hope that this has more staying power!

    • Melissa

      It sounds like you have superman for a son :0) It is possible to get the mat up but it’s not easy especially if you seal it from the center and work your way out — also don’t use baby wipes on it.

  • Eileen Royal

    easy clean up ,stays in place and they’re super cute.

  • Jamie Lejman

    My daughter throws her plates and bowls straight to the floor! This is amazing!

    • Melissa

      I hate when that happens lol!

  • Heather Marie

    Omgosh, yes! My son is always extending his arms out and then he just goes across the highchair with one full sweep knocking everything into the floor. He loves to watch our Bulldog eat so I think he is trying to watch the Bully with food falling out of his mouth and grunting πŸ˜‚

    • Melissa

      That is so funny! I am glad we don’t have a dog because I am sure my little guy would do the same thing!

  • Candace Galan

    They can’t be knocked down and are easy to clean

  • Michelle

    Could SOOO use 1 of these to teach him to eat from a plate without throwing it plus they’re super cute!

    • Melissa

      Yes, this is great for new eaters because they can focus on the food.

  • Dodiemom

    My grandson is about to start feeding himself. He likes to throw things off of the high chair tray, so the silicone plate would be perfect!!!

    • Melissa

      This is great for new eaters. The design is fun and they aren’t distracted by picking up the plate.

  • Brya Bee

    Loooove the hippo!

  • RustysR

    Because it’s a lot more fun for mom and dad when the food stays in the bowl or goes in baby’s tummy instead of being tossed on the floor!

    • Melissa

      SO true!

  • Joann Kernodle

    I have a granddaughter that likes to throw her plate! With silicone mats and plates, she cannot figure out how to lift it to throw. It seems like every time you turn your back on her, she’s dumping her plate to feed the puppy.

    • Melissa

      Ha! I think they do that on purpose when you turn around LOL

  • sherry Blamer

    My son likes to pick up his plate and dump everything. A silicone mat would prevent that.

    • Melissa

      Haha — I hate when that happens! These do help with that πŸ™‚

  • Yen Nguyen

    My daughter keeps trying to grab bowls & cups instead of leaving it on the counter. Drives me crazy since I have to run after and clean up after her messes. This would be perfect!

    • Melissa

      Yes, Yen, I think this would help with that! So funny!

  • Sand

    My little will eat play with his food, make a mess until he’s ready to eat. This will help curb the mess!

    • Melissa

      Yes, I think this would help

  • Kim Avery

    This is a perfect must have for my youngest grandson! His mommy and daddy are always taking him to restaurants plus just learning he loves to pick his plate up and dump it in his head!

    • Melissa

      Haha! My son hasn’t done that yet, but he does like wiping his hands through his hair (so gross!)

  • Sara Lazaroff

    My son has just started picking up his plate when he is finished eating, and he makes a huge mess in the process!

    • Melissa

      Ugh. Yes! My son does this too Sara.

      • Sara Lazaroff

        I think he is just trying to be helpful (his big sisters have to take their plates to the kitchen when they are done eating), which is cute, but it ends up being so messy!

        • Melissa

          Oh yes, Aiden does that too! He is picking up the plate to move it but dumps it over πŸ™‚

  • Aurora

    This would make meal time easier and fun

    • Melissa

      It really does Aurora!

  • I think this is such a great thing!!

  • Colleen Maurina

    Toddlers are famous for throwing their dishes on the floor and making big messes. This Nuby Miracle Mat solves this problem! It can even go in the dishwasher!

    • Melissa

      Yes, it’s a great product Colleen!

  • Marie Lowther

    Toddlers love to throw their dishes, so this is a perfect solution! Thanks for the giveaway

    • Melissa

      So true! I know mine does LOL

  • Nicole Cash

    This would be amazing for my 18 month old nephew whom I babysit 5 days a week.

    • Melissa

      For sure! Since you see him so often it would be great to have one at your house.

  • Kristi Hamberg

    This would be perfect for my grand children!

  • Rija Ranch

    This would make meal time easier and also its dishwasher safe, I love it !

    • Melissa

      Yes, the dishwasher safe aspect is very helpful!

  • Misty S.

    Silicone mats are a Must-Have for my daughter because she is a messy eater just like her mom! πŸ˜‰

    • Melissa

      Haha! They should make one for adults :0)

  • Ana Cm

    My baby girl loves to grab everything and throw it to the floor when eating, so a silicone mat like this one would be a must for her.

    • Melissa

      My son does the same thing!

  • Aimee Place

    less mess and easy clean up

  • mikecat1

    Since it won’t allow them to make such a mess

  • Staci A

    I love that it makes food fun and helps on the clean-up! Perfect for toddlers!

    • Melissa

      Yes, I love the design of the plate and my toddler loves it too!

  • Jennifer Gonzalez

    I love this because my toddlers food will not end up all on the floor!! Lol

    • Melissa

      Yes, they are really helpful for that reason!

  • Christina Almond

    Yes! I love this product–this would really save you so much clean up and time with a little one and that is always time consuming!