The Magic and Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

During my pregnancy, I loved doing yoga. I kept going to my normal yoga classes, but, luckily, I had a relatively easy pregnancy. Prenatal yoga is an excellent option available to pregnant women. I am very excited that Suzanne Brubaker, an amazing mother and yoga teacher, has agreed to share her experience with prenatal yoga.

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Did you try, or regularly practice, yoga during pregnancy? Share your thoughts in the comments!

The Magic and Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

By Suzanne Brubaker

Yoga makes me feel AWFUL…said no one, EVER. Anyone who has experienced yoga will likely vouch for the euphoric feeling that keeps us yogis and yoginis so committed, so almost addicted, to the practice. As my teacher says, once you start you can’t stop. It may take a few classes to truly experience yoga in its true form, but once you do – once you open yourself to the practice – you won’t be able to stop practicing, in some form or other.

I began practicing yoga after grad school, when it was just beginning to become mainstream in the small town that I lived in at the time. I loved it, and I sought it out as much as possible after that, through many moves, many gyms, many studios, and even through the pregnancies, births, and onward of my two children (who now actually beg me to teach them yoga, and make up their own poses!)

As you will hear many yogis say, it has truly transformed my life, and is an integral part of my personal growth.

I will never forget my first prenatal yoga class, because it was such a pivotal point of my pregnancy for me. I had been teaching yoga for a few years at that point, but had never experienced, or taught, a prenatal yoga class. I didn’t know what to expect, and was honestly a little nervous, even though it was a class at my home studio. I was about 5 months along with my first baby, and this was one of the first physical things I was able to do since becoming pregnant.

Suzanne Brubaker, shares her experience with prenatal yoga. The benefits of which are endless and are evident. It can reduce stress levels, reduce nausea

My pregnancies were both rough going. I was very sick for the first 4-5 months, often unable to make it through a workday, and relying on ice cream as my only sustenance. I gained a lot of weight, as you can imagine! Along with the physical challenges, came mental and emotional challenges of dealing with my changing body, the loss of control and numerous other ways that hormonal changes wreaked havoc on my body. I remember feeling like this little being inside me was somehow at fault, and then of course feeling guilty for feeling that way. I didn’t feel as connected to my baby as I thought I would, as I thought I SHOULD.  I was a mess.

As usual, I turned to yoga. I rejoiced in the feeling of community in that class, the sharing, the non-judging. I felt centered in a new way as we focused on our breathing, our calm, our devoted time with our babies. I stretched through all of the aches and pains that my growing body was feeling, and I actually ALLOWED myself to relax, release, and rest with my baby.  I wrapped my arms around my belly numerous times and felt a gratitude that I had been overlooking for months.

When I walked away from that prenatal yoga class that evening I felt, for the first time, an insurmountable amount of love for this tiny being inside me, and excited to be pregnant! I knew the class would make me feel good physically and mentally, as yoga always does. I never expected the level emotional benefit that I would experience, the sense of connection to my baby, and the feeling of being understood. I slept better than I had in months, and with my new perspective toward my baby, I was able to handle the stresses of pregnancy better. I was able to enjoy. Each. Moment.

I began teaching prenatal yoga soon after, while still pregnant. I was so eager to share this practice with other expecting mothers! Pregnancy is hard, we don’t talk about a lot of those hard things. Prenatal yoga classes offer a safe space for mothers to talk about their feelings and hear from others going through similar – and not so similar- emotions and challenges.

The benefits of prenatal yoga for expecting moms are endless and are evident. It can reduce stress levels, reduce nausea, improve sleep, help regulate emotions and improve mental state. It relieves the aches and pains of pregnancy, and increases, or at least maintains, strength and flexibility. Prenatal yoga can even help with pregnancy and birth risks, such as preterm labor, breech position and intrauterine growth restriction.

Another important benefit of prenatal yoga is that it prepares expecting mothers for the birthing process, and helps provide tools to use when in labor and giving birth. I personally breathed (ujjayi) and ommed my way through 20 hours of labor for my first baby. I took a short hospital birthing class in preparation, but I credit my prenatal yoga classes entirely (okay not entirely, I have to credit my husband too!) for getting me through the natural labors, and births, of each of my children. Every time I teach a prenatal class, I am overwhelmed with gratitude and awe of the practice. I do all that I can to make the experience as positive and helpful for those women as it was for me. But then I remember, yoga kinda does that on its own.

Trust in the wisdom of your baby, your body, and your divine light. Namaste.

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Prenatal Yoga Suzanne BrubakerSuzanne Brubaker is a mother of two children. She has been teaching yoga to babies, children, and expecting moms for a decade. She and her husband now own a fitness and yoga studio in Philadelphia. To learn more visit


Suzanne Brubaker, shares her experience with prenatal yoga. The benefits of which are endless and are evident. It can reduce stress levels, reduce nausea



About Melissa

Hi, I’m Melissa! I am a mama to an energetic toddler, a wife to my amazing husband Dan, and I work full-time as a meeting planner. I started this blog because, after having my little guy, I quickly learned that exhaustion and baby brain causes you to forget some of the amazing (sometimes horrible and sometimes wonderful) details related to the first several months of raising a baby. Considering we may have more kids in the future, I want to document everything we do, so we remember what worked the first time around, and hopefully help other first time mamas along the way!
  • Yoga is so beneficial in pregnancy! I did it and it helped me feel better all around.

    • Melissa

      That’s wonderful! Thank you for sharing your experience.

  • Dicia

    I never did yoga in my previous two pregnancies, but I am TTC right now. So I’m going to save this for if I do get pregnant. I have read about a ton of benefits of prenatal yoga!

    • Melissa

      Awesome! You will definitely have to try it!

  • Emily Lindsey

    Yes! I did yoga before I got pregnant and during my pregnancy. Looking back, I wish I had done more. I read too much about what you should/shouldn’t do and didn’t trust my body, so I think I lost some strength & flexibility. Thankfully I was re-inspired to dive into it again towards the end of my pregnancy & boy did it help! I think being a yogi helps train you to breathe during labor & delivery & helps train your body to relax. Which is essentially all you are trying to do during labor!! ;). Next time around I will trust my body more and just keep at it throughout my entire pregnancy!

    • Melissa

      That’s awesome! I stuck to most of my regular classes, but that is because my husband teaches them. It can be a little scary when you read all the things you “shouldn’t” do. Trusting your body is key.

  • Marvina Musser

    Yes yoga is amazing. I do it myself, and it has changed things in my life. It makes me feel good and it’s just great all around. I encourage anyone to try it.

    • Melissa

      Thank you for sharing! Yoga is pretty amazing 🙂

  • Brianna Picard

    Yoga is my preferred exercise as well. 😀

    • Melissa

      It’s the best 🙂

  • Samantha

    This is so great! I wish I had found something like this post before I got pregnant. I didn’t really get into yoga until after my kids were born. I love it now, and I wish I had been doing it then, too.

    • Melissa

      Hi Samantha, it’s such a great way to stay healthy during pregnancy. At least you are doing it now, that’s the great thing about yoga, it’s perfect for any time in life!

  • Heather Gullett Denniston

    This and regular chiropractic care are two of the best things you can do for baby!

  • Chanel van Reenen

    this makes me want to be pregnant again so i can do prenatal yoga!

    • Melissa

      I know, right!? LOL

  • I wish I would’ve know about prenatal yoga during my pregnancies. It really seems like it has so many benefits. It would’ve been a god sent gift with my pregnancy 2. Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed this article!

    Joyful Savings recently posted this article you might enjoy: Hacks You’ll Absolutely Love!

    • Melissa

      I am glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for reading.

  • Small Town So(Lace)

    I love Yoga and I have to say that I totally advocate for doing prenatal yoga. It was the best thing I did for myself during those nine months. I kept better balance, I felt less stressed, it helped keep my gestational diabetes in check. When in doubt, just do yoga! 🙂

    • Melissa

      Totally agree. It’s such a good thing! I am glad you had a great experience 🙂

  • Candy Kage

    Wish this was around when I was expecting all I had was walking and doing my own stretching routine.

    • Melissa

      Haha! Well walking is great exercise too and I am impressed that you figured out your own stretching routine!

  • snappedbygracie

    So interesting ! Thanks for sharing! xx, gracie

    • Melissa

      Thank you for reading 🙂

  • Nicole Banuelos

    I’ve never done yoga but have been interested in trying it out! I especially wish I would have tried it while I was pregnant, I had so many aches and pains.

    • Melissa

      Yes, it’s excellent for pregnancy, but also really good after pregnancy. You should give it a try!

  • Suzanne Hines

    This is great! I’m 32 weeks and wishing that I had taken up yoga earlier in my pregnancy! I’m struggling now with staying active, and I know it’s only going to get worse!

    • Melissa

      Yes, it’s so tough in those last few weeks. The prenatal classes are quite gentle so I am sure you could still try if you are up to it!

  • Emily |

    I love yoga! I started doing yoga in high school.

    Unfortunately, there weren’t prenatal yoga classes nearby during my first pregnancy (I lived in a small town in Hawaii) but I would’ve loved to take classes. Yoga is amazing!

    • Melissa

      I started in high school too! Yoga is great, even when not pregnant 🙂 Do you still live in Hawaii?

  • Kayvona B.

    I never have done yoga but I have really been considering prenatal yoga

    • Melissa

      You definitely should give it a try!

  • Prenatal yoga helped me so much with both pregnancies. The stretching felt amazing on my lose joints. My favorite part was the end of class, when our instructor would have us breathe with our hands on our growing bellies to connect with baby. Unfortunately I haven’t done it since, but would love to get back into it.

    • Melissa

      I’m glad you had a good experience. That is one great thing about yoga, it’s good for any stage of life.

  • Prenatal yoga was one of the best pregnancy choices I made. It felt so good to stretch and move my body. The relaxation at the end of class was always one of my favorite parts.

    • Melissa

      Yes, I love the built in relaxation at the end of class!

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