Happy Nine Months: Aiden’s Nine Month Update

Aiden nine months


Aiden turned nine months! He is full of personality and is giving us a run for our money. He is rambunctious — if he isn’t sleeping or eating, he is making some kind of noise. He is also a little operator, he flirts, giggles and babbles until he gets what he wants. This month he started the baby Pterodactyl screech and he can make several combinations of consonants and vowels (mamamama, dadadadada, blablablabla, etc.). It’s amazing how much energy this little guy has!

We had a busy month. We went to a nationals game where Aiden caught his first foul ball. A ground ball down the third base line by Trea Turner. Mommy was out of the country for almost two weeks, so Aiden went to several of Daddy’s yoga classes as his teacher’s assistant.

He can crawl backwards, but hasn’t figured out how to move forward yet. He still prefers to stand and walk with help. He can pull himself up on objects and even stand for a second on his own (without holding on to anything).

He still doesn’t have any teeth, but that doesn’t stop him from eating just about everything. This baby LOVES to eat. This month he tried peas, butternut squash, tomato, pineapple and broccoli. He also had baby muffins, baby snack balls and pancakes. He has officially dropped a liquid feeding so he has four bottles per day.

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