First Trimester Eating “or not” ?

First Trimester Eating “or not” ?

By Schatem Boyd

Everyone wants a healthy baby! While there is no way anyone can guarantee this, there is something YOU can do to give your baby the very best chance of being healthy, while also avoiding the diseases of pregnancy associated with malnutrition. It is so simple. All you have to do is EAT! Does this require a drastic change in diet? NO. But there are some very basic guidelines you need to follow. This post is all about first trimester eating.

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First, let me explain why diet is so important. Your baby is made out of protein. Sooo, you need to eat lots of protein to “build” the baby.

Let’s look at what happens if you don’t eat enough of the right stuff. Normally, our body uses protein to build and maintain muscle mass and to keep our blood sugar levels steady. We use carbohydrates for energy and brain power. Fats are necessary for vitamin absorption. They are used for dense energy or stored for later use.

When we become pregnant, our needs change because we are creating a whole new person inside ourselves (aka alien). To “build” that new person (aka alien) we need protein. If, when we are pregnant, we don’t eat enough protein and calories, our bodies will slow down on the “construction” of our new baby. It will also start to burn protein (our own muscles) for energy and will store all the fats you eat because it thinks it is starving! The protein that our bodies’ burn for energy will leak into the blood and make harmful acids called ketones which may cause damage to the baby. No pressure right!

We also need complex carbohydrates for energy, vitamins and minerals, and fats for the essential fatty acids they contain.


Well, here is the problem with first trimester eating (well at least for me). You feel like you want to barf all the time. And you really only want carbs or something else that is not supplying you with the right nutrition. I swear I lived off yogurt, granola and huevos rancheros the first 12 weeks!

Everyone is different, but what I can tell you is if you try to eat enough of the good stuff the bad cravings won’t come to often and when they do it won’t derail you feeding yourself and baby. So if you are thinking you don’t want to eat anything or you only want to eat say crackers for every meal, remember that’s pretty normal, but try to use these tips as well.

These Tips Will Make First Trimester Eating Healthier Easier

  1. Eat smaller meals more frequently.
  2. Drink lots of water and herb tea – try for 2 quarts or more
  3. Salt to taste
  4. Avoid refined foods and sugars
  5. Avoid Fast food restaurants
  6. Use real butter or olive oil. Avoid hydrogenated fats and oils.
  7. Avoid artificial sweeteners i.e. Nutrasweet, Splenda etc.
  8. Eat a green salad everyday. Try to include 5 different colorful veggies.
  9. Eat fresh or frozen fruits every day
  10. Eat whole grain breads, rice and cereals instead of white.
  11. Avoid lunch meats, hotdogs, and other processed, nitrate meats

Eating gets easier as your pregnancy goes on (well until your third trimester when the baby is so big the thought of eating a pea may make you explode), so I will be sure to get more in depth in my next post! In the meantime, good luck, and here is to hoping you don’t barf your whole first trimester!

How was your experience with first trimester eating? Did you experience cravings, did you want to eat all the time, or not at all?

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Everyone wants a healthy baby! All you have to do is EAT! There are some very basic guidelines you need to follow for first trimester eating.

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