Second Trimester Eating and Exercise

This is the next post in a series of posts about eating well and exercising during pregnancy by personal trainer Schatem Boyd. This post will focus on second trimester eating and exercise.

Second Trimester Eating and Exercise

By Schatem Boyd

Blissful second trimester! No joke, this is the only time in my pregnancy I felt normal. Well, as normal as I could, being a human incubator! But really, I was able to eat again and exercise was back to being relatively easy again. (Relish in this, because when the third trimester hits, you just feel gigantic and uncomfortable lol). This post will cover second trimester eating and exercise.
Second Trimester

Okay, so now that you can handle eating again, take advantage! Especially if you weren’t able to stomach much in the first trimester. So what do I eat, you may ask? Below is a good idea of what a well-balanced pregnancy diet consists of.

Every day of the week you and your baby should have:

  1. One quart (4 glasses) or more of milk product. Any kind will do – whole milk, low fat, skim, buttermilk, or cheese, yogurt, ice cream (yes, I said ice cream), etc…
  2. Two eggs, (hard boiled, in French toast, or added to other foods).
  3. One or two servings of fish or seafood, liver, chicken, lean beef, lamb or pork, beans or any kind of cheese.
  4. One or two good servings of fresh green leafy vegetables: mustard, collard, turnip greens, spinach, lettuce, or cabbage.
  5. Two or three slices of whole wheat/whole grain bread, cornmeal, cornbread, or tortillas.
  6. A piece of citrus fruit or glass of juice of lemon, lime, orange, tomato, or grapefruit.
  7. Other fruits and vegetables.

Also include in your diet:

  1. A serving of whole grain cereal such as oatmeal or granola.
  2. A yellow or orange-colored fruit or vegetable five times a week.
  3. Whole baked potato three times a week.
  4. Plenty of fluids, water, juice, etc.
  5. Salt food to taste for a safe increase in blood volume.

You may substitute proteins, if you wish, being sure your proteins are complete, and that you get approximately 100 grams per day. If you substitute, also be sure all the elements necessary for a well-balanced diet are available every day.


Now let’s talk exercise!

Hopefully, if you weren’t working out before your pregnancy, you started something light like I discussed in my “peed on a stick” post. If you were already working out, hopefully, you have stuck with it!

Safety is always first when working out. Unfortunately, there aren’t any guidelines for an ideal heart rate during the second trimester, so pay attention to your body. If you aren’t able to carry on a normal conversation while you are working out, then you are probably working out too hard. Make sure to stop exercising if you feel queasy, lightheaded or feel dehydrated (keep plenty of water with you while you are exercising).

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Now, how much should you exercise? Again, listen to your body and remember, exercise is not just about not putting too much weight on. It is about keeping you and baby strong for labor, keeping your heart healthy and helping your delivery and recovery.

When it comes to second trimester exercise, thirty minutes a day, 3-5 times a week is healthy workout schedule. This can include any variety of walking, swimming, free weights etc.. Try to get at least two days of strength training in. This will not only keep the non-tummy parts of your body looking good but it will also build up the strength your body will need to deliver! Use a weight that feels comfortable to you and remember body-weight exercises, and even band work, are great ways to strength train.

With regards to cardio, change it up so you don’t get bored! Walk, swim, find a machine at the gym you like, whatever, just don’t sit too much. That isn’t good for you or baby!

Do you have any tips for second trimester eating and exercise? Share them here!

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Second trimester eating and exercise. A good idea of what a well-balanced pregnancy diet and exercise program looks like for women in the second trimester.









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