A Baby Bedtime Routine


Aiden has always been a pretty good sleeper, but at about 3.5 months, we decided to start him on a bedtime routine. Here are the reasons why we started a baby bed time routine and how we were successful.

There were three reasons why chose 3.5 months for our baby bedtime routine:

  1. We started to hear about the four moth sleep regression and got nervous. I did some research and found out that around four months a baby’s sleep changes from constant deep sleep to a sleep pattern of light and deep sleep. As this happens it can be difficult for a baby to transition through the cycles. Having a good sleep routine was one way to help ease the issues associated with sleep regression.
  2. We have heard a lot about habits parents get into in order to get their child to sleep (ie; nursing or rocking baby to sleep, or putting the baby in a swing). These habits can cause sleep associations, and the older a baby gets the harder it is to break those habits.
  3. We were going on vacation and would have to deal with a time change so we wanted him to know when to go to sleep. More about that here.

baby bedtime routine-babycastanonboard.comAiden in his “sleeping position”

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Here is our baby bedtime routine:

  • Now that the weather is warm I like to take Aiden for a run, after work, in between his last two feedings.
  • Aiden has his last feeding at 5:30pm. We do not change this time more than 15-minutes in either direction.
  • Prepare the room — We make sure the overhead lights are off, the blackout curtains are closed, the humidifier is filled and on, and the sound machine machine is on.
  • Bath time — Aiden takes a bath every night. He loves to splash around in the water. More about bath time here.
  • Baby massage — We give Aiden a little massage with Burt Bee’s calming (lavender scented) lotion.
  • Nails — We cut Aiden’s nails every two to three days, or I should say I cut his nails (Dan and I made an agreement that I would cut his nails if he would suck out the boogers with the Nosefrida 🙂 — not sure who got the better deal since there hasn’t been any booger sucking yet!) More about that here.
  • PJs and Zippy — We put Aiden in pajamas and then put him in his Zippadee Zip.
  • Pacifier and story –We give Aiden his pacifier and read him a story.
  • Rock and Dock — After the story we will rock him for a few minutes. When he starts to rub his eyes and turn his head we put him in the DockATot (save $10 with this affiliate link!) in the crib.
  • Sometimes we play his mobile which he likes, and stand by the crib for a little bit. When he is ready, he falls asleep and we leave.

In the first few weeks of doing this he would wake up at 9pm or 10pm for one more feeding, but recently that has stopped, and he now sometimes wakes up between 4 – 4:30am. We try our best to get him back to sleep so he can eat at 5:45am.

Overall, having a sleep routine has really helped. It takes so much less time to put him to bed and he is falling asleep by himself!

Do you have a baby bedtime routine? Has it been successful?

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At about 3.5 months, we decided to start our bedtime routine. Here is the reason why we started a baby bedtime routine and how we did it successfully.










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