Happy Halloween: Aiden’s First Halloween

Happy Halloween: Aiden’s First Halloween

I have been looking forward to Halloween pretty much since Aiden was born. It was one of my favorite holidays growing up and I couldn’t wait to share it with him. I started working on his minion costume in August. Honestly, there wasn’t much work involved because a lot of it was pieces I already had. I couldn’t justify buying a costume that he would only wear for a few hours. You can read more about that here.

We started the day in this adorable Halloween outfit with glow-in-the-dark pants!

We enjoyed reading Halloween stories and visited a pumpkin patch (again). We have a great farm close to our house called Cox Farms that has excellent photo opportunities so today was a perfect day to visit and commemorate Aiden’s first Halloween.

Even though Aiden isn’t even a year old yet and won’t be able to eat candy, we still wanted to take him out trick-or-treating. We left in the early afternoon and visited Nana and Pop Pop first. Then we went around to some of their immediate neighbors who we knew, and who knew (and would want to see) Aiden.

Next, we met up with some friends who have a baby around Aiden’s age and went to a few houses in their neighborhood. Aiden had so much fun meeting so many new people. He would smile and dance whenever someone opened the door. He even said “trick”.

Overall it was an amazing day! Below are some snaps in case you missed them.





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