Ultimate First-Year Essentials: DockATot & Giveaway

This is my second post featuring an ultimate first-year essential item for new moms. You can check out my first post on the Zipadee-zip here. I learned so much in this first year with Aiden. Now, I want to share all that information with you. This post will feature the DockATot — a miracle designed in Sweeden and handmade in Europe.  It seems like Europeans really have the parenting thing down;  have you read Bringing Home Bebe? But I digress…make sure you read to the end of this post because there is a giveaway!


I remember the first day I learned about the DockATot. It was during Christmas and I was visiting my family. We had just taken our gassy, uncomfortable three-week-old on a nine-hour (at least) road trip. Life with Aiden was a bit of a challenge in the first few weeks. He was very gassy and cranky. Needless to say Dan and I were on-edge and pretty stressed out.  My Mom’s neighbors popped over with their grandson who is a few months older, to meet Aiden. We chatted for a bit and right before they left, they mentioned this miracle product that I had never heard of.

When they described the multi-functional dock that can be used for just about everything (playtime, tummy time, lounging, co-sleeping, etc.) I knew I had to have one. I ordered one that day and it was on my doorstep when we arrived back home. The DockATot did not disappoint and I have been singing its praises ever since to every new mom I know or meet (you can ask them they will tell you).  You could also look back at any of my most used items over the last year and you will find it in every one of those.

I get tons of questions about the DockATot so here are some of the highlights:

  1. It comes in two sizes. The Deluxe is for babies 0-8 months (roughly to 22 lbs) and the Grand is for babies 9-36 months (roughly to 40lbs). We just transitioned Aiden to the Grand at 11 months (roughly 20 lbs). I think that is a common misconception that when it gets snug you have to move up to the next size. It is supposed to be a bit snug. The purpose is to be womb-like so snug is good!
  2. It is safe for a baby to spend time in. It is made of all natural 100% cotton, breathable and OEKO-TEX certified. This means there are no harmful chemicals in the textiles used to make the DockATot.
  3. It is machine washable (except for the bottom insert which cannot be bent). I have washed the DockATot cover and pillow insert several times with no issues.

How/why does it work? Well if my usual answer of magic doesn’t satisfy you…. The DockATot was created to mimic the womb, so the snugger the fit, the better it works. The thicker density provides a safer and more supportive environment for younger babies and is also better for tummy time. It’s the perfect micro-climate for babies and tots.

We used the DockATot Deluxe for so many different things including naps,  tummy time and just hanging out. During the fourth trimester, especially, Aiden spent a lot of time in it.  The dock is perfect for traveling, from down the street to his grandparents to across the country when we took a short trip to San Diego. It comes in a nice bag that you can use to keep it clean which fits perfectly in a duffle bag and can be checked for flights. You can read more about that here. You can also buy a travel bag for it. We used it much more than the pack and play which is bulky and heavy to transport.

As I mentioned earlier,  we just transitioned to the Grand about a couple of weeks ago. The Grand arrived just in time for us to take it to a family wedding for which we had to travel. I am so glad we had the Grand. It helped Aiden feel like he was at home and is so much more comfortable than the pack and play (I actually wish they would make one for adults). The Grand is also great to put on the floor in the hotel and let him play with his toys. I don’t necessarily trust the cleanliness of hotel rugs, but the DockATot gave him the perfect play space and I had the piece of mind that he wasn’t picking up crazy germs.

The DockATot Grand will be with us for awhile. It should last for the next few years and get us through the transition of moving from a crib to a bed as the sides of the DockATot act as bumpers.

The DockATot is an investment. It is probably the most we spent on a single baby item that wasn’t furniture. However, I believe it is totally worth it.  The deluxe helped Aiden (and us) survive the fourth trimester. It lasted eleven months so, if you think about it, if you break it down by month it’s not a huge expense. In fact, DockATot now offers a monthly payment plan. I anticipate that the Grand will last us several years. I haven’t met a single person who actually used the DockATot that didn’t like it. I think that says something. In the end, if you are going to splurge on something, you should definitely consider this. You can get $10 off by using this link to purchase.

I am also very excited that DockATot is giving one Baby Castan on Board reader a DockATot Grand! Enter using the Rafflecopter link below. The deadline to enter is November 28.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Have you tried the DockATot? Share your experience in the comments!

The DockATot is an ultimate first-year essential for moms with new babies. The multi-functional dock that can be used for just about everything.
The DockATot is an ultimate first-year essential for moms with new babies. The multi-functional dock that can be used for just about everything.

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Disclosure: I received a product in exchange for my honest review of the DockATot Grand. However, all opinions are my own. I have purchased a DockATot in the past and truly believe in this company! There may also be affiliate links in this post. If you make a purchase I will receive a small commission at no cost to you. Thank you for supporting the companies that support this blog!


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  • Allie Day

    I have been wanting to get a dockatot every since my little girl was born! She would now be at the grand size but with an upcoming move I feel like it might be a good investment to help ease the transition.

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    This would’ve come in handy so many times when we were traveling! I love how versatile it is and how it molds to baby. Will definitely keep this in mind for future travels 🙂

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    The DockATot sounds like a must-have! We are traveling for Christmas this year, and i’m so worried my 18 month won’t sleep well at all since we haven’t stayed the night anywhere since he was a newborn. I’ll have to show this to my husband!! Thanks for the review!

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    Love love love. It’s weird, that i didn’t hear about this with my first baby (born january 2015) but it seems like after he turned 1, i had started seeing dock a tots everywhere! funny how baby products can be so off your radar sometimes. anyways we are expecting baby number two this summer and this product is something i have been thinking a lot about — from what you said it seems like it would be worth the investment 😀

  • Millason @SimplyNaturalMama

    I always wanted to try a DockaTot, but we never got around to it. Now our daughter is a year old and sleeps like a starfish in the middle of our bed. I wonder if it would keep her from sprawling out…

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