Top 10 Best Baby Boy Gifts

Top 10 Best Baby Boy Gifts featured by top US mommy blog, Baby Castan on Board

It’s always a little hard to know what to get a baby that is under the age of one for Christmas. Aiden is definitely at the age where he is aware of what is going on and I know he would notice if there wasn’t anything under the tree for Nolan. Since we already have ALL THE THINGS and no extra space I have been on the lookout for practical items or things that are good memory pieces. This way there are things under the tree, but we aren’t going over the top with stuff we don’t need. I figured I would round up the best baby boy gifts I’ve found for Nolan, so keep scrolling down!

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Top 10 Best Baby Boy Gifts


We can’t get enough of these Zipadee-Zip swaddle transitions. Not only are they a perfect sleep sack, but we also use them when we are out. They keep Nolan warm, calm, and help keep germs away in places like airplanes. We already have a couple, but we use them so often I am taking the opportunity to stock up on a few more in the next size up.

Baby Document Briefcase

One of the best items I got for a baby shower gift with Aiden was this Baby Document Briefcase. It was a perfect place to store all the well visit updates, other medical reports, photos, and general handouts. It fits perfectly in a file cabinet. I need one for Nolan so this is on his Christmas list.


I don’t think it comes as a surprise that I love subscription boxes. They are a great gift that keeps giving after the holidays. I found the LOVEVERY play kits and I think they are perfect for Nolan. You can send a one-time kit with play items for your baby’s current stage, or you can send a subscription which ships play items perfect for your baby’s developmental stage every couple of months. They also have great stand-alone products like this beautiful Play Gym.

Baby Book

A baby book is a great gift for a newborn if you don’t already have one. It’s a place to record all your favorite memories for your little one to have when he grows up. I love the 2 Giggles Baby Books on Etsy. There are lots of great prompts that make recording things easy and there are tons of add-on pages you can get depending on how much you want to document. The Lucy Darling baby books are another favorite.

Custom Nursery Sign

Custom signs are such a sweet addition to any nursery. I love this simple wood option I found on Etsy. It’s classic and timeless. For something a bit more trendy I love this mountain option.

Baby Feeding Supplies

There are lots of useful items when it comes time to start feeding your little one. Some great gift ideas include this Munchkin 10-piece feeding set, Munchkin 360 Trainer Cups, Num Num Baby Spoon Set, and this ezpz mini mat.

The Brushies Gift Set

If your baby doesn’t have teeth yet they are coming soon! This cute gift set has everything you need to make teeth brushing fun and encourage good habits early.

Indoor Baby Swing

I have this on the list for Nolan this year. I love this sweet swing that can be used both indoors and outdoors for fun all year!

Buckle Backpack

This is a great option if you travel and something your little one will grow into. It has lots of buckles and colors to keep a little one entertained plus you can stick other toys inside.

This is Baby

We have the Mama and Dada books by Jimmy Fallon so when I saw the newest book, This is Baby, I had to add it to Nolan’s list. It teaches new babies the words for the various parts of their body.

What about you? What is on your list for babies under one year? I would love to hear your ideas!

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