Happy Ten Months: Aiden’s Ten Month Update


I am a bit late with Aiden’s ten month update, but that’s mom life, right? I can’t believe he is in double digits and next month he will be turning a year old!

Aiden’s little personality continues to shine through. Our words to describe him this much are sly and engaging.  He is such a happy little guy, and funny too. He loves people and is really nosey and curious. He wants to know what is going on at all times with all people. He is a chatterbox and sounds out words. We hear mama and dada a lot now, but he’s not really saying it in reference to us yet. He can be shy at first around new people, but it doesn’t take long before he has a new friend. New this month he started to wave hello and goodbye.  He waves to people and objects and even himself haha.

aiden-ten-months-standingHe can stand on his own unsupported for a few seconds but doesn’t realize he can do it yet so he prefers to stand against tables or toys. He loves to walk his walker across the room (but he can’t walk if we put him in the walker….). He isn’t very interested in crawling so we think he might skip that stage. He can pull himself around on his stomach if he needs to get somewhere. He loves music and dancing.

He is still toothless…and mostly hairless.

We traveled to Boston this month to visit family. I took Aiden by plane to Boston and Dan met me in Boston and drove home with him. This was his second flight. Aiden got to visit the aquarium for the first time and Fenway Park. He rode on his second carousel. He tried lobster roll and clam chowder. He liked the chowder, but wasn’t too sure about lobster — we will work on that! He is eating so much more solid food — at least three times a day with a few snacks. He still takes four six-ounce bottles. New this month we got the go-ahead to introduce dairy so we started with yogurt. He also tried new foods including shepherd’s pie and chicken lettuce wraps.


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