Most Used Items: Month Ten


During month ten Aiden was more active than ever.  We actually had to set up a play “corner’ to contain the explosion of toys that have taken over our home! Here is a round-up of our must used items month ten.


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Aiden loves to play with all of his toys. His favorites are the Beatbo (which he now dances to — so cute!), Zany Zoo which he loves to pull himself up and stand on (thanks to our friends who handed this down to us!), anything that makes a noise especially the crinkly noise (sorry, I don’t know how else to describe it!) and balls of any kind. He loves to throw them which makes us hope he is the next Bryce Harper 😉

Bed Time:

We are still using the DockATot and ZipadeeZip for nap and bed time. The ZipadeeZip is getting snug so we are thinking about getting the next size up since he doesn’t sleep with a blanket.  They usually have sales so we will probably wait until the next sale. He takes two naps a day. One in the morning and one right after lunch.  We are trying to get away from using the Wubbanub during the day. He still uses it during nap and bed time.



Bath and Body:

There are no significant changes to bath time. We still like Burts Bees for shampoo/body wash and diaper rash.  Aiden does love to play more in the tub so I have been getting him rubber ducks whenever I travel. He also likes these vinyl books.

Out and About:

We went to Boston and Dan basically wore Aiden in our Ergo 360 wherever they went. Aiden loved facing out and it was so much easier to take the T and tour Fenway Park with the carrier versus a stroller. Now that Aiden is starting to walk we always put shoes on him. We are loving our Wobbly Waddlers that actually have arch support which helps with balance and to build strength.


I think that’s about it for our favorite products and our most used items for month ten. Did you use anything different or differently for your ten month old?

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During month ten Aiden was more active than ever. This is a round-up of our most used baby items and gear during month ten.





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