7 Pregnancy Essentials for your Second Trimester

7 Pregnancy Essentials for your Second Trimester featured by top US lifestyle blog and expecting mom, Baby Castan on Board

As I am approaching the end of my second trimester I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone. I feel fortunate that I’ve had a relatively ‘easy’ second trimester. I got back most of the energy I lost during those first few months and I didn’t find it overly difficult to keep up with my little guy or work obligations. There are definitely some things that helped get me through months 3-6, so I thought I would put together a quick post on the pregnancy essentials that got me through the second trimester. Scroll down for all the info!

7 Pregnancy Essentials for your Second Trimester featured by top US lifestyle blog and expecting mom, Baby Castan on Board

7 Pregnancy Essentials for the Second Trimester

Pregnancy Cookbooks

I haven’t been able to work out this pregnancy due to a complication that prohibits me from strenuous activity so I have been extra careful about my diet this trimester. I loved the What to Eat When You’re Pregnant cookbook during my first pregnancy and this time around I’ve added Happy Healthy Pregnancy. Both focus on what you can and should eat during pregnancy which I prefer over the long list of things you are not supposed to eat. What to Eat When You are Pregnant features a different ingredient for each week of pregnancy that is particularly good for the stage of development your little one is in while Happy Healthy Pregnancy provides delicious recipes for different symptoms of pregnancy (ie; cravings, leg cramps, constipation, etc.)

Pregnancy Pillow

I am not sure what I would do without my pregnancy pillow. I still have the one I used from my last pregnancy which sadly is no longer made; however, it looks very similar to this one I found on Amazon which has great reviews.


I have been all about the tea over the last few months. I love this Dandelion Chai, Traditional Medicinals Pregnancy Tea, and Honey Lavender Stress Release Tea. Dandelion is high in vitamin A and calcium and is supposed to help with swelling during pregnancy. Red Raspberry Leaf is rich in iron. It is supposed to help tone the uterus, increase milk production, decrease nausea, and ease labor pains.

Prenatal Massage

This pregnancy I have been making time to get prenatal massages. They have made such a difference in terms of stress release. Plus, between my job which requires me to be on my feet a lot during conferences and running around after a toddler massages have been a welcome relief.


I am still in my non-maternity jeans and these Levis  I got at Target after I had Aiden have been amazing throughout my pregnancy, so far. However, when I am home it is all about the leggings. These have been my go-to pair.


The Maeband has been great for my pants that don’t quite button but still fit otherwise. It closes the pants and hides the zipper area.

Momma Society Birth Prep

I did pretty much zero preparation when I had Aiden and I want to change that this time around. I invested in the birth prep course that Mandy from Momma Society created. I love the online modules that I can take on my own time as well as the workbook that she sends out before the course. It is for moms who want a vaginal delivery so I really hope I get to use it this time around.

I would love to hear what items are your must have items for the second trimester. Please share in the comments!

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