Nolan’s Two Month Old Baby Update

Two Month Old Baby Update featured by top US mommy blog, Baby Castan on Board

Our poor second child. He is two and a half months and I am finally getting around to writing his two month old update. The summer is SO busy in our house so hopefully, these baby updates get easier to write once we get through the summer (although, I am guessing that won’t be the case).

Two Month Old Baby Update featured by top US mommy blog, Baby Castan on Board

Nolan’s Two Month Old Baby Update:

Two Month Old Baby Stats

Nolan is 13 lbs 1 oz and just about 24 inches. He fits in both 0-3 and 3-6 months clothes depending on the brand. His time in newborn clothes and diapers certainly didn’t last long!


He eats about every two and a half to three hours for a total of 7-8 feedings per day. He is still gaining weight although it seems to be slowing a little. He is great with a bottle probably since he takes one more now that he started daycare once a week.


We have heard our first little giggles which is my favorite milestone to date. He loves tracking Aiden and watching how busy his big brother is.

Nolan started going to home care with Aiden one day a week.

Two Month Old Baby Update featured by top US mommy blog, Baby Castan on Board

Sleeping Patterns for our Two Month Old Baby

We are getting a good six hour stretch of sleep at night. I usually feed him right before I go to bed and he will sleep until 5 or 6 in the morning. We are working towards a 6:30 wake time and I’m hopeful in the next month we will get there.

Two Month Old Baby Update featured by top US mommy blog, Baby Castan on Board

Two Month Old Baby Activities

I started stroller strides when Nolan was about 9 weeks. We go almost everyday for now. It’s great to get out of the house and get a workout in, plus it’s time for just me and Nolan (except when Aiden joins). We have met a couple of other moms with babies around the same age so I hope we get to see them grow together!

We took our first road trip as a family of four to Rhode Island and continued up to spend a few days in New Hampshire. Nolan got to experience the beach for the first time (it’s safe to say Aiden enjoyed that trip more since Nolan just slept).

Nolan went to his first Washington Nationals game. You can read more about that here. He celebrated his first Father’s Day! Unfortunately, Dan had to work, but we went out the day before to a farm and did a tour. Nolan slept through it 🙂

We started our Summer Friday nights in a small town in Western Virginia. This is something we did every Friday night last summer with Aiden and his best friend and we are doing it again this year. Nolan got to experience his first one.

Two Month Old Baby Update featured by top US mommy blog, Baby Castan on Board


The biggest challenge is still keeping him cool. We are outside and often on the go. I don’t really want to slow down and take away anything from Aiden, but we are still working on balance. Other than that things are still pretty smooth.

Big Brother’s Adjustment

Aiden is still doing really well with adjusting to having a little brother. He still helps out with things like getting diapers and wipes and he is great at letting us know when Nolan spits up 😆 The listening seems to have improved a little bit. He was very excited to bring him to his home care so I take that as a good sign!

Two Month Old Baby Update featured by top US mommy blog, Baby Castan on Board

I still feel like we aren’t doing as much this summer just because it is so much harder with two — which makes me sad for Aiden. I just keep reminding myself we are doing enough and next year he will have even more fun when Nolan can do a bit more. We did enroll Aiden in swimming lessons so he can be more comfortable swimming without me holding him and we can hopefully get back to spending some of our afternoons in the pool or local waterparks. We also signed him up for a multi-sport class so he has something of his own (and to wear him out when Dan is at work all day one day a week!)

As Nolan becomes more alert and active I can’t wait to see all the changes in our little family coming up!

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