How to Keep a Newborn Cool in the Heat this Summer

How to Keep a Newborn Cool in the Heat this Summer, tips featured by top US mommy blog, Baby Castan on Board

One thing I was not prepared for with Nolan was how hot he would get in the summer and how to keep him cool. Aiden was a winter baby so there wasn’t a lot of outside time and if he was cold I could always layer him up or add a blanket. With a toddler we are always on the go and often outside so I have had to learn quickly how keep a newborn cool in the heat this summer.

How to Keep a Newborn Cool in the Heat this Summer, tips featured by top US mommy blog, Baby Castan on Board

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Here are my favorite ways to keep a newborn cool in the heat:

Gel Car Seat Cooler Mat:

This mat is super thin and does not interfere with the car seat straps. We have two. I throw them in the fridge an hour or two before I know we are going out. If it’s really hot or I know we will be out for awhile I put the other in a cooler and bring it with us.

Flexible Tripod Personal Fan:

This little fan can attach to strollers, car seats, and lots of things. It has several speeds and charges with a USB cable.

Baby Car Seat Cover Canopy and Nursing Cover:

This multi-functional car seat cover has been great. I use it to keep Nolan shaded from the sun and as a nursing cover. It’s breathable so it works for the hot days. If we are going to be out for awhile I will fold the cover so it shades him but doesn’t conpletely cover him so there is plenty of airflow. I have also seen these muslin covers which I think would work really well.

Cooling Towels:

I use a cooling towel on Nolan’s legs to help keep him comfy.

Frozen Juice Packs:

Technically this is more of a way I keep my toddler cool, but I will us them while they are still frozen over a muslin blanket on Nolan’s legs or belly. Waterbottles work well too (not full ones though)! If I am wearing him (which is rare when it’s really hot), I will add a soft ice pack to the pocket of the Ergo carrier we have.

It’s definitely a challenge keeping our little guy cool during this hot summer, but we have learned a lot quickly! If you had a summer newborn I would love to hear your tips to keep a newborn cool in the heat.j

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