Summer Baby Essentials to Keep Baby Happy and Cool

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It’s hard to believe the summer is almost over. Our first summer with a baby was a learning experience for sure. We found that there were a lot of products to help keep baby happy and cool in the hot summer sun. With a month or so left of summer, here is our list of summer baby essentials:

Summer Essentials

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  1. Splash pad — Aiden LOVES the water. We take him to the pool every chance we get. Since we only have a small balcony, we couldn’t really get an inflatable pool, so this splash pad is the next best thing. It is quick and easy to set up and store and still keeps baby cool. I love the rings which add an extra bit of fun (not that splashing around isn’t enough fun!)
  2. Handheld stroller fan  — I love taking Aiden for walks, but when it is hot I get really worried about him overheating. I was really excited to find this fan. It charges by USB and easily attaches to a stroller in many positions. It is easy to take around with us and it keeps our little guy cool in the summer heat.
  3. Portable activity seat — Earlier in the summer I would take out Aiden’s exersaucer out on the balcony (small balcony seems to be a theme here…) until I found this portable activity seat. I love that I can use it around the house, but also bring it out with us because it folds up.
  4. iPlay swim diaper — So, apparently they don’t make disposable swim diapers for babies under 20 pounds. That is an issue for us, luckily we found these reusable swim diapers which fit perfectly.
  5. Portable play yard — I have written about this before as one of my most used items. It was gifted to us and I am so glad it was. I can use it inside or outside and it is super easy to set up, pack up and store. Once Aiden is more mobile I am sure we will be using it to keep him out of trouble!
  6. Galeeo baby stroller cooling liner — This cooling liner is great! I put it in his stroller during walks and it does stay cool. It does work best in 80-degree type weather, so it didn’t make much of a difference in the 90-100 degree weather (I’m not sure anything would!) You can put it in the refrigerator for the warmer days which helps keep things even cooler. The Galeeo is currently sold out here is a similar option.
  7. Sun umbrella with clamp — I love this sun umbrella. It has a clamp so you can attach it to many different things to provide shade to the baby (ie balcony railing).
  8. Freezer pops — Who doesn’t want a popsicle in the summer? This freezer pop mold is the perfect size for baby popsicles. You can freeze milk or purees if your baby is already doing solids. Need some recipes? Check out this post.
  9. Sun bucket hat — You will find Aiden wearing a bucket hat just about every day. You can get them anywhere (Carters, Target, Gap) but I love this one with UV protection from Amazon. The bucket hats keep his head from burning and they shade his eyes.
  10. Sunscreen — If  f your baby is six months or older, it’s time for sunscreen (confirm with your pediatrician)! We currently use Thinkbaby. We prefer to use the lotion over the spray so that we can be sure that any exposed skin is covered.
  11. Sunglasses — We usually put sunglasses on Aiden whenever we go out (that doesn’t mean he always keeps them on), we love our Babiators. The best thing about them is that if you lose or break them, they will send you a replacement if you register within 30 days.

What summer baby essentials do you love?

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