Handling the Seasons of Crazy in Mom Life

As a mom and full-time employee with a side hustle life is busy. Sometimes a little too crazy. Here are 6 tips for handling the seasons of crazy in life.

I am pretty good about blogging twice a week and keeping it to Sunday and Wednesday. Occasionally in the summer, it wavers a bit but overall it has been pretty standard for almost two years! Yesterday (Wednesday) it was 8:45 pm and I thought oh my goodness it’s blog post day and I don’t have a post ready to go! I usually schedule things out a couple of weeks in advance but August is a tough month for me. I have a meeting in Toronto this Saturday-Wednesday and then another meeting in Montreal the following Monday for 10 days and another meeting in September. Needless to say, I am pretty maxed out at the moment. It made me think, there are always periods like this — seasons of crazy in life so how do I handle it?

I have a lot going on:

  • A toddler
  • A full-time job that is in its high period
  • A blog
  • Several guest posts due
  • Brand rep/photo obligations
  • Life in general (working out, cleaning, laundry, friends)

We all have busy times and it’s important during these periods to try to remain calm and not totally freak out.  It’s important not only for our own health but for our family’s health and sanity as well.  I always want to be the best at everything I do and give 100% and honestly, it’s a lot of pressure, but I think I have found a few good ways to try to handle these seasons of crazy.

As a mom and full-time employee with a side hustle, life is busy. Sometimes it's just crazy. Here are 5 tips for handling the seasons of crazy in life.

1. Compartmentalize

So, I think this is something that is usually frowned upon, but when it comes to managing work/family/blogging it’s something I have found VERY beneficial! When I am at work I am working, after Aiden goes to bed I am editing pictures or working on blogging, and when I am at home I am home(ing?) 😆  You get the point! Of course, lines can get a little blurred but generally, this works for me.

2. Prioritize

I’m not talking about a to-do list. I am talking about life. I can’t be everything to everyone and sometimes things have to take a back seat. My number one priority is my family — Aiden and Dan have to come first. My job is next and the blog is my third priority (sorry — blogging doesn’t pay the bills haha).  I love to think of the analogy that what I am doing isn’t brain surgery. No one will die if I don’t get something at work done or the laundry isn’t done and I think (hope) you will all forgive me if I miss a day of blogging here and there.

Once life is prioritized I can drill down to the details and prioritize my to-do list. I try to figure out what needs to get done, write everything down and then cross things off as I go. It always feels so good to cross things off the list! Writing things down always helps me realize that there really isn’t as much urgency around the tasks I need to complete.

3. Ask for help

This goes along with point two. I make it a point to ask for help when I need it. Although my family is my priority I do want to keep my job and there are important deadlines that I need to meet. In these cases, I check in with Dan to make sure he is good with Aiden and knows that I need to continue working or I will ask Dan’s mom or child care provider if they can take him for an hour or two. It’s the same at work and with blog collaborations. Open communication is usually all anyone really wants and there is no point stressing yourself out!

4. Breathe

This is one I need to work on. You would think that with my yoga expert husband I would be better at this! Do you ever have that feeling where your brain won’t stop running in circles and you start taking shorter breaths? When this happens to me I know a freak out (re: panic attack) is coming! Sometimes if I remember, I stop and take a deep breath and things automatically calm down (even if just for a moment).

5. Communicate

This seems to come up a lot in my posts! Communication is so important. I try not to bottle up my feelings, I have found out from experience they will come out one way or another. Keeping everyone informed about what is going on alleviates a lot of stress.

So, basically, if it seems like I am a little MIA over the next couple of weeks you know why! I promise I will be posting more regularly once this season of crazy is behind me. You can always catch me on Facebook and Instagram!

What do you do to manage the seasons of crazy in your life? I would love to get your tips!

As a mom and full-time employee with a side hustle, life is busy. Sometimes it's just plain crazy. Here are 5 tips for handling the seasons of crazy in life.
As a mom and full-time employee with a side hustle, life is busy. Sometimes it's just plain crazy. Here are 5 tips for handling the seasons of crazy in life.

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