Finding the best birth place and creating a plan for you

Finding the best birth place and creating a plan for you

During my pregnancy, I was lucky to have a few mama friends to go to with the millions of questions I had. However, my go-to person was Schatem Boyd, who also happened to be my personal trainer. She kept me healthy and informed during pregnancy, and I am so happy that she has agreed to share some of her health and wellness tips here! I will feature several of Schatem’s posts in the coming months. This post is on finding the best birth place and creating a plan for you.

By Schatem Boyd

First, I have to start by saying, wherever you choose to have your baby, that is your choice and do not let anyone make you doubt your choice. When it came to choosing where I would have my baby, my choice was a birthing center. Finding the best birth place and creating a plan is unique to every person and all moms-to-be should carefully consider the options.

I really wanted a natural birth. I had done my research about birthing in a hospital and everything I read told me that a natural birth would probably not happen in the hospital environment. I really did not want an epidural. I had read all about the “waterfall effect,” and knew that the odds of me winding up with an epidural in the hospital were high and that then meant my odds of having a c-section were even higher. The United States has the highest c-section rate of any country.

WHAT??????!!!! NO DRUGS!!!! Yep, that is what everyone said to me. Let me tell you a little bit about me. First off I am a personal trainer. My husband and I own a gym. I spend my days teaching people to take care of their bodies through food and exercise, and I also teach them to listen to their bodies. I teach people that through strength of mind and will they can achieve great things.

This is how I viewed my birth. I knew my body was designed to have a baby. I knew I could have her naturally without drugs and I could spend my pregnancy preparing my body to do just this. I knew I wanted to bring my baby into the world calmly in the water. I would not view my pregnancy as an illness and I did not want to be treated like a sick person.

I grew up with a mom who had 4 children at home and I was witness to all of them. I grew up never really going to the doctor. My mom followed a very holistic lifestyle and if you went to the hospital it was because you were very sick or dying.

This was not how I viewed my pregnancy nor my birth. When my husband and I found out we were pregnant it never crossed my mind that I would have our baby in a hospital. It went against everything I had grown up with and it went against the life I lead. I knew that letting my baby come into the world the way we are meant to, on her terms and in her time was the right thing for her and me.

finding the best birth place and creating a

When I told my husband that I wanted to have a natural birth he was fully supportive. He knew he would play a big role in my ability to birth without drugs. However, when I said home birth he said he didn’t feel comfortable with that. So I started researching birthing centers and realized this was the best happy medium for us. Once we toured the facility, he was a little less hesitant, but like most Americans still felt like it would be a risk not having a baby in a hospital. We spoke to the midwives about the safety steps they took, precautions, birth plan etc, and ultimately he trusted my instinct and supported my decision fully.

On February 6, 2014 we welcomed our beautiful healthy baby girl Brynn into the world just the way we planned. More about the birthing center to come!

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Did you have any issues finding the best birth place and creating a plan for yourself?


12694623_10209100028206510_2698400722932189950_oHey everyone. My name is Schatem I am a 34-year-old personal trainer, business owner, part-time freelance business advisor and consultant and most importantly, mom to my beautiful 2-year-old daughter. My life is crazy busy with a lot of moving parts. I have become a master at juggling! I love helping people. It is my passion! If I can help someone, it makes my day. When I am not running my business, I am training people, helping them discover their strength and ability to change their body and lifestyle, or I am helping others build successful businesses. With all of this, I feel like my greatest accomplishment is my daughter. It took me 2 ½ years to get pregnant and when I finally got my little miracle, my life was changed forever! I am excited to be a part of this blog and hope that some of my story will help others!


Wherever you choose to have your baby is your choice and no one should make you doubt it. This is about why I chose a birthing center.

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