Best Gifts for Traveling Babies & Toddlers

We love traveling with Aiden which inspired this gift guide of the best gifts for traveling babies and toddlers. If you know a well traveled baby or toddler you can’t go wrong with any of these gift ideas!

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Here is the list of the best gifts for traveling babies and toddlers:

1. BenBat Toddler Head and Neck Support: This neck pillow is perfect for flights or any situation where your baby/toddler might fall asleep sitting up. It’s also super adorable.

2. PeaPod Toddler Travel Bed Play Tent:The Pea Pod Toddler bed is perfect for babies and toddlers between the ages of one and three. It’s ability to be used indoors and outdoors makes it great for hotels and even beach visits or camping. It’s also lightweight (only 3 lbs) and it folds which makes it much easier to travel with.

3. To-Go Wear Utensils: This is a great utensil set to have while traveling. They are small and fit in a carry case so they won’t get lost in a diaper bag or dirty with whatever else is in the bag.

4. Baby’s First Passport & Luggage Tag: This adorable passport holder and luggage tag set is a perfect gift for a baby who is traveling internationally. I also like this sweet personalized passport holder option.

5. BenBat YummiGo Travel Booster: This little travel booster is great for vacations where you will be eating out a lot. It folds up into a carry case and is easy to set up. Plus, you don’t have to worry about germs from restaurant high chairs or booster seats.

6. Headphones: I think this one is self-explanatory. Whether you are taking a road trip or a flight headphones are a must. These are great because there is a limit to how high the volume goes so you don’t have to worry about your little one’s ears.

7. Babiators: Babiators are perfect for traveling babies and toddlers because they come with a guarantee. If your toddler breaks or loses them within the first year you can get a new pair. They come in the perfect size for babies and toddlers and are difficult to break (or even impossible — our little guy hasn’t broken a pair yet).

8. Travel Felt Board: Felt travel boards make great gifts for traveling babies and toddlers because they are fun and also educational. They will keep your toddler entertained on a flight and there aren’t a lot of pieces to lose. Don’t forget to check out the characters to put on the board like these and these

9. Skip Hop Backpack: Aiden is at the age where he loves acting like a big kid. He is always asking to hold the diaper bag or my lunch box when I come home from work. The Skip Hop backpack is the perfect toddler backpack. You can read how we used it for our little guy’s carry-on bag here. Our toddler loves it so much he asks to carry it around our home on a regular basis. I also love this Super Me backpack: Aiden loves superheroes so I think this backpack is perfect. It comes with a cape and mask.

10. Miniware Travel Set: This travel set of bowl with detachable suction, silverware and carry case is perfect for toddlers on-the-go and can even be used for daycare or eating out at home.

11. Manhattan Toy Travel Mobile: This is great for car rides with little ones. It attaches to the top of the infant car seat. We used this and this play and kick car seat toy.

12. SnooZieMat: We brought our SnooZieMat on vacation with us and it was great for naps in the airport and for playing on the airport and hotel floor. I wrote a post about it here.

Do you have a well traveled baby or toddler? What are your ideas for the best gifts for traveling babies and toddlers?

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We love traveling with our toddler which inspired this gift guide of the best gifts for traveling babies and toddlers. You won't go wrong with any of these. #travel #products #toddler #baby #gifts #christmas #holiday
We love traveling with our toddler which inspired this gift guide of the best gifts for traveling babies and toddlers. You won't go wrong with any of these. #travel #products #toddler #baby #gifts #christmas #holiday

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