National Police Week 5K and Mother’s Day

We had a crazy busy weekend but it was the best! On Saturday we ran in the National Police Week 5K and Sunday, of course, was Mother’s Day. I figured I would share a bit about this weekend since these are both very personal for me.

This year will be my fourth time running in the National Police Week 5K. This will be Aiden’s third time. What!? How does that work? Well, year two I was about 12 weeks pregnant and then last year he was almost six-months old. I am happy to report that even with the extra weight of Aiden in the stroller I have run faster every year. Who knows, maybe one of these years I will be back to my old cross country race times 😆

This event is important to me because of what it represents. The National Police Week 5K is hosted by the Officer Down Memorial Page (ODMP) to honor fallen law enforcement officers by raising awareness to the sacrifices officers make every day. The event raises money to support ODMP programs like No Parole for Cop Killers, Line of Duty Death Notifications, ODMP K9, and research to uncover the stories of forgotten heroes. Funds are also donated to Concerns of Police Survivors (COPS) to support important programs that assist survivors after the loss of a loved one. As a wife to a police officer who is the father of our child it is horrible to think about the danger he could potentially walk into on any given day. Programs like these help pick up a few of those pieces in the worst-case scenario so I am proud to support them!

In addition to raising money for these charities it is also a lot of fun to come together with other police families. Working for a large city department I don’t see a lot of the other police wives all the time because we are really spread out, so this is a fun time for us to get together. Since this race kicks off National Police Week there are thousands of officers and families around so we get to meet lots of new people too.

This year, I surprised Dan by dressing Aiden in a custom shirt made by Cuddle Sleep Dream. I sent a picture of Dan’s uniform and she created one of her signature tie shirts to look just like his uniform. It even has his badge number. If you ever need a special occasion outfit you should check CSD out and save with the promo code AIDEN10! My shirt is from River Babe Threads. Aiden actually has a matching one too (which is on super sale right now).

Aiden also very much enjoyed our post race brunch. Can you tell he is a cop’s kid? (Side note: he did not eat all this food!)

Such an amazing day could only be topped by one other day — Mother’s Day! I can’t believe my second Mother’s Day is in the books! The difference in just one year is crazy. I look back at pictures and wonder where the last year went. On the one hand it seems like such a short time ago and yet it also feels like Aiden has been with us forever.

We had a wonderful day hanging out outside at my favorite spot, Dirt Farm Brewing. The weather couldn’t have been better especially with all the cold rain we have had over the last few days.

This weekend we ran in the National Police Week 5K and Sunday was Mother's Day. Here is more about this weekend since both events are personal for me.

I hope all the mamas had an amazing day. What did you do for Mother’s Day?

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This weekend we ran in the National Police Week 5K and Sunday was Mother's Day. Here is more about this weekend since both events are personal for me.
This weekend we ran in the National Police Week 5K and Sunday was Mother's Day. Here is more about this weekend since both events are personal for me.

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  • His outfit is totally cute! You are an amazing mama! Way to go on running that 5K.

  • Kayla

    Happy late Mother’s Day! And I admire your ability to run a 5K!! Definitely not something I could accomplish!

  • Skye Lea SN

    That shirt is so cute! especially the removable tie… love it!

  • Sounds like a perfect weekend! I love that little cop shirt. My friend is married to a cop and that would be perfect for their son!

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