How to Conquer Potty Training While Traveling by Car

Potty Training While Traveling tips featured by popular DC mom blogger, Baby Castan on Board

We took our little guy for a road trip about a month and a half after we started potty training. Potty training wasn’t the easiest for us and I would say he was just at the point where he was regularly using the potty on his own when we ventured out on our nine hour car trip up the east coast. It was really overwhelming to think about, but we got through it and it was much easier than I anticipated!  Here are my best tips to conquer road trips with a potty training toddler.

Potty Training While Traveling tips featured by popular DC mom blogger, Baby Castan on Board
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We did some preparation before the trip. I knew there was a high probability for accidents and I also wanted something that we use for quick stops if we needed them where we could pull over, but not leave the car. I stocked up with what I believe are a few travel potty training essentials. The good news is all of these items are great for everyday use as well!

Potty Training While Traveling tips featured by popular DC mom blogger, Baby Castan on Board

Here is my list of travel potty training essentials:

  • OXO Tot 2-in-1 Potty Training Seat — This little seat is clutch. If you get nothing else for potty training I suggest this. It is a two-in-one seat. It has legs that allow it to stand for a toddler to sit on. You can get disposable bags that fit on the seat with little paper pads inside that absorb liquid. If you run out of bags you can stick a regular plastic bag in it.  The legs fold out so that it can be used on a toilet in a public restroom (or your home toilet). The legs fold in and the potty comes with an easy-to-clean travel bag so it’s easy to carry around and fits perfectly in diaper bag.
  • Summer Infant Deluxe Piddle Pad — This pad lines the car seat without reducing harness safety. We actually always keep it in the seat because it protects against potty accidents as well as accidental spills. It also can be used in a stroller if you are on-the-go. If there is an accident you can throw it in the wash. It’s much easier than trying to clean the car seat or stroller.
  • Training Underwear — We wanted to be sure if there was an accident that Aiden and the car seat would stay as dry as possible. This training underwear is thicker than regular underwear but not diaper-ish so I didn’t worry that he might think it’s a diaper and go in his pants (that’s why I avoided pull-ups).
  • Wipes — We stocked up on lots of wipes (these are good for car travel for many reasons, not just potty accidents!) Yay for Amazon Prime add-on items 😉

When the big day came I was pleasantly surprised by how much of a non-issue Aiden’s potty training was. He didn’t have a single accident! I credit this to our well packed potty training car and the following day-of travel schedule:

Day of travel potty training schedule:

  • We planned regular stops. We left around breakfast time and ate breakfast in the car. Our first stop was about two hours later at a rest stop. It was just before nap time (he take morning naps around 10-11am). It was helpful to have the travel potty because he wasn’t comfortable using the big public toilet so we used the travel potty and bags.
  • Aiden was good for about another three hours while he had his nap. We stopped for lunch and had him go in the restroom before and after lunch.
  • After lunch we were good for another 2.5-3 hours. At that point we got stuck in some traffic so we pulled over at another rest stop and had him go again. Dan and I didn’t need to go so we just had him go in his travel potty in the car so we could get back on the road quicker.
  • After the third stop we didn’t have to stop again until we reached our destination!

We made sure Aiden had loose comfortable clothes that were easy to put on and take off. We also limited the amount he drank throughout the car trip. If he did drink something we watched for signs that he might have to go to the bathroom, like crossing or kicking his legs.

Potty Training While Traveling tips featured by popular DC mom blogger, Baby Castan on Board

Our trip home went about the same also with no accidents so our planning and schedule worked well for us!

Have you taken a newly potty trained toddler on a road trip? What tips would you share to conquer potty training while traveling? Let me know in a comment below!


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