Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Toddler Mom

I can’t believe how close Mother’s Day is. It completely crept up to me with all the excitement around Easter! Here are some fun gift ideas for the baby or toddler mama or, really, any mama! (Feel free to pass this link along to the Dads in your life 😉)

I am spotlighting my favorite small shops to buy baby and toddler clothes. Meet River Babe Threads hip clothes for the whole family made in Michigan.

DIY ideas:

There is nothing better than a personal gift. I know those are my favorite. I have a couple of posts on gift ideas you can make such as a DIY Birth Announcement and a Shadow Box of Baby’s Hospital Items.


Mother's Day is right around the corner. Here are some fun gift ideas for the baby or toddler mama (or, really, any mama!)

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This is technically still a little bit of DIY, but it is so easy. Another thing I love to do (which is also super affordable) is buy vinyl decals from Follow Your Arrow and put them on different things. If you have never used decals here is a quick video of some things I added decals to for Mother’s Day.

A great Mother’s Day gift is flowers. Why not add a decal to the flower pot to make it a bit more special?

Many mamas (including me) run on coffee, so you could add one to a coffee mug and put a gift card to her favorite coffee shop as a special get-out-of-the-house-for-a-bit gift. I love the reusable ceramic “to-go” cups. I found this one at Target in the dollar section!

Mother's Day is right around the corner. Here are some fun gift ideas for the baby or toddler mama (or, really, any mama!)

I have about a million pouches. I love them because I can throw them in my bag and it helps keep everything organized. You could customize a pouch with a decal and then fill it with some fun small-shop items to pamper mom. I filled my pouch with a bath bomb, eye cream, an essential oil, and Alex and Ani bracelets (because jewelry is ALWAYS a good idea!)

Mother's Day is right around the corner. Here are some fun gift ideas for the baby or toddler mama (or, really, any mama!)

Non-DIY Ideas:

If you aren’t a fan of DIY or don’t feel like making things. Here are some other ideas for Mother’s Day gifts.

Mom is Drawing Custom Illustration — For a truly special and unique gift check out Mom is Drawing on Etsy. I am in love with all her drawings and you can get a custom piece of your family! Use promo code SWEETBABY (for one baby) or TWOSWEET (for two babies).

Growing Roots Subscription Box — I know there are a ton of subscription boxes out there, but I really love the new box in town Growing Roots. Each box contains 3-5 quality crafted goodies that provide a healthy foundation for mom and child. It’s curated by a mom and certified counselor and for each box purchased a book is donated to a child in need.

SusanAnna Personalized Necklace — I don’t typically wear necklaces around Aiden because he likes to pull them but when I go to work or go out with Dan or friends I do like to wear one. I love this necklace because it has a little reminder of what I will come home too. Also, as I said above jewelry is always a good idea!

Spa Set — As a toddler mom I am a mess 90% of the time. I think most moms feel the same way. A spa set is a great way to give mom some nice time to herself to feel clean and relaxed.

The Magic of Motherhood — It’s really hard to find time to read these days; however, if someone hands me a book and gives me a couple of hours I love to do it. This is a new book from the writers of a popular blog all about the identity of moms as women and mothers.

LoveBook — Have you heard of LoveBook yet? It allows you to express all the little reasons why you love someone with personalized characters and sentiments. A LoveBook is perfect for Mother’s Day because you can create it to capture those firsts as a Mom. It’s also a great idea for moms to give to grandmas. To get started on your Mother’s Day book, visit LoveBook  and save 20% on all orders with code HEART20 at checkout.

Mother’s Day Outfits

You don’t want to forget to dress for the occasion! Here are some cute Mother’s Day outfits you could give as a gift in the morning before the day begins or just get them in advance so you have them ready for the day.

River Babe Threads: I love River Babe Threads. It is one of my favorite shops for the whole family. They have a whole collection of mom related tees, sweatshirts, and hats. Plus they have a couple of cute tees for little boys and girls. They even have a tee for grandma! Everything is very comfortable and functional. Use BABYCASTAN for 15% off your purchase.

Cuddle Sleep Dream and FireBrand Lifestyle: I don’t know about you, but I am ALWAYS trying to find mom and me outfits for little boys. They are hard to come by. That is why I am so excited for the collaboration between Cuddle Sleep Dream (one of my favorite shops for Aiden) and FireBrand Lifestyle. This is the perfect way to match without looking too over the top! You can save on your Cuddle Sleep Dream outfit with the code: AIDEN10.

BuzzShack: I love BuzzShack’s matching mommy and me tee set.

Layla Bug Design: This shop always has cute special occasion tees. I love the Me and My Mama shirt and the Mama’s Boy tank. Use promo code: DISCOUNT20 to save.

Target: Target has a whole line of positive tees for the family that are perfect for Mother’s Day. I love the Strong Like Mom and Mom is My Superhero tees.

Do you have any Mother’s Day plans? If you are a mom what are you hoping for?

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Mother's Day is right around the corner. Here are some fun gift ideas for the baby or toddler mama (or, really, any mama!)
Mother's Day is right around the corner. Here are some fun gift ideas for the baby or toddler mama (or, really, any mama!)




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