Most Used Items — Month Three

So we have been using a lot of the same items from month one and two — some a little differently and some more or less frequently.

DockATot: We still use this all the time! For lounging/naps during the day and in the crib at night.

ZipadeeZip: Aiden loves his Zippy (as we call it). He naps in it and sleeps in it at night. We will also put him in it for car rides and when he is in the carrier. If he is fussy we will pull it out and he will calm down as we put it on him. We actually need to get a second so we can wash it more often!

Kick and Play: This is still Aiden’s favorite toy. He pulls on all the dangling toys, kicks the piano keys and talks to himself in the mirror. He has started rolling from back to side, so I find him in all different positions on the mat.

Here are some of the newer things we are using this month:

Bottles: Now that I am back to work, Aiden eats more often from a bottle. We have experimented with a few brands of bottles and Aiden has taken all of them. We have settled with Avent Natural 4 oz bottles. He eats 3.5 oz per feeding so the size is perfect and it’s not overwhelming for him to eat from.

Crib: Aiden transitioned to his crib this month. He now sleeps in his crib at night.

Honest Company Healing Balm: We use this product daily, and for just about everything! Aiden has a stubborn dry skin patch on the side of his face which we use this on, and it helps stop it from turning red and spreading. We also use it if he scratches himself (the scratch seems to disappear almost immediately!) and for diaper rash.

Honest Company Diapers: Aiden usually wears Pampers and I am very happy with the brand, but he is sort of between newborn and size 1. It seems that the honest company’s size 1 is smaller than Pampers size 1, and the perfect fit for this transitional period!

Pacifier Clip: Aiden is not teething yet, but we love this pacifier clip by Minted Lane. We use it to clip Aiden’s pacifier to the car seat, baby carrier and even his sweaters/jackets. It has a safety clip on the end which falls apart fairly easily. Pacifiers have a way of disappearing so this little clip is a great help in keeping them around. We usually keep one attached to the clip for leaving the house and another close by (not attached to anything) for sleeping.

Some things we don’t use as much:

Swaddles/Woombie: Aiden is no longer swaddled (but does use the “transitional” ZipadeeZip — as mentioned above). How did we know it was time to stop? I wish I could say there was some kind of step by step process we took, but honestly, he let us know! A few nights in a row he was extra fussy and fighting the woombie. We took it off and replaced it wit the Zippy and he calmed down and slept through the night. Moral of the story — your baby will probably let you know when he doesn’t want to be swaddled anymore so don’t push it!

Owl Soother: We still use the soother, particularly when we first put Aiden in the car seat, but not nearly as much. This is funny because we were recently just smart enough to figure out we should use rechargeable batteries — oh well!






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