Happy 14 Months: Aiden’s Monthly Update

Happy 14 Months: Aiden’s Monthly Update

Aiden turned 14 months today. Honestly, I thought I would stop with the monthly updates after one year but he had so many milestones this month I decided to break out the chalkboards again!


The biggest news is that Aiden is walking! Not only is he walking but trying to run! During his trials with running, he fell outside and got his first boo boo. He scraped up his nose pretty good, but nothing too serious. I am positive it hurt my poor mommy heart more than it hurt him and I am also positive that it’s the first of many falls. I am definitely more worried to bring him outside to walk but I guess I have to get over it!

Aiden’s first steps:

In other exciting news, Aiden got his first tooth (FINALLY) — it’s only been 8-months since he started showing signs of teething.  It is the bottom left tooth and the bottom right seems to be close to coming as well. Of course, it popped through his gums about a month ago but hasn’t really progressed so I guess those teeth are just taking their time.

The biggest changes have come in his play and language development. He sings all the time — it is so sweet and he loves to dance. He loves any musical toys like his piano and xylophone. He is also making tons of new sounds and mimicking like ‘ought oh’ and ‘peek-a-boo’.

He loves to read. We have to read him his favorite bedtime stories every night and he has a bunch more he likes to read during the day. His ultimate favorite story is Your Baby’s First Word Will Be Dada by Jimmy Fallon. He loves specific pages like the cow, bee, rabbit and mouse. For those pages, he even makes the animal noises. It is so cute!

Aiden turned 14 months today. This is an update of everything that happened during month 13 from changes in play to eating to getting his first tooth. - Happy 14 Months Aiden featured by popular DC Mommy blogger, Baby Castan On Board

As far as playtime He loves cars and trucks and he can build towers with his Duplo blocks. He loves his rocking moose. He still loves Beatbo and Beat Bow Wow. We have noticed a big difference in the amount of time he can actually entertain himself which is nice.

At 14 months, our food schedule has also changed. He now drinks three glasses of whole milk with breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. He drinks his milk from a sippy cup. Right now, we are loving the Munchkin Miracle 360 cup.

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Aiden turned 14 months today. This is an update of everything that happened during month 13 from changes in play to eating to getting his first tooth.

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