7 Essentials to Create a Kids Emergency Kit to Help Get Through Covid-19 at Home

Kids Emergency Kit essentials for Covid-19 featured by top DC mom blog, Baby Castan on Board

As I was trying to figure out a way to explain our current situation with Covid-19, I came across the But Why Podcast. I found the information really helpful and I plan to listen to it throughout the next couple of days with Aiden. One of the tips they mentioned in the podcast was to create a Covid-19 preparedness kit. This idea resonated with me because it is always easier to explain things to Aiden when we are doing fun things; so I thought putting a fun basket of things together would help ease any stress he might feel.

Here are our essentials to creating a kids emergency kit to help get through Covid-19 at home, scroll down for all the info!

Kids Emergency Kit essentials for Covid-19 featured by top DC mom blog, Baby Castan on Board

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7 Kids Emergency Kit Essentials to Help get Through COVID-19 at Home:

1. Sketchpad

The podcast recommended that if a young child is nervous or scared a good way to communicate is through writing or drawing. I added a new sketchbook to our basket to encourage our preschooler to draw. This has also come in handy for the Mo Willems Lunchtime Doodles we have been doing. I also threw in some new crayons and colored pencils.

2. Melissa and Doug Tape and Scissor Skills

I love the tape and scissor skills books by Melissa and Doug. These activities are fun while still teaching great skills. Plus Aiden feels like such a big boy using scissors. I got him a new pair of scissors because I don’t love the one that comes with the Scissor Skills book.

3. Fire Tablet and Osmo Games

Aiden does not get to use his Fire Tablet at home, only when we are traveling. As a special treat, I put his tablet and Osmo games in the basket. This will give him the screentime he loves, but the games are educational which makes me feel better about it.

4. Little Passports

We have a subscription to Little Passports and I have a bit of a backlog of them that we haven’t gotten to yet. I placed those in the basket so we can work on them together.

5. Mental Blox Jr and MathLink Cubes

The Mental Blox Jr. “game” is a great way for preschoolers to practice logic, it’s not new to us but I wanted to add it to our basket since it’s a good one to have on hand. I did pick up a set of MathLink Cubes on Amazon. I remember these from when I was little! There are so many activities to do with the MathLink Cubes from practicing patterns, building, and counting.

6. Flower Pot

I found this cute flower pot that came with paint that we can decorate. I plan to do a lot of arts and crafts with Aiden as it is a lot of fun and a great way to spend time. When the weather is nice, my plan is to have Aiden help with our garden outside.

7. Games

Aiden has been all about the board games recently so I decided to pick up a new one. I was trying to decide between Engine Engine No. 9 and Charades for Kids. The Engine Engine No. 9 game was in stock so I ordered that. I think this will be lots of fun to play while we are stuck at home. 

It can be stressful for little ones to have a change in routine, but I hope that by making out time together fun and productive he will be less stressed and enjoy our time together. I would love to know what you are doing with your kids to get through Covid-19 at home.

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