Happy First Mother’s Day

Happy First Mother’s Day

I realized tonight as I was putting Aiden to bed that this would be my only first Mother’s Day. The day flew by as they all seem to when you are in a routine, and looking back at the end of the day. There were a lot of things I wanted to write, but decided to keep this simple instead.

I couldn’t have asked for a better day. The sun was out for the first time in a week, it was warm and Aiden was in a great mood all day. We went for a walk, played with his toys, had lunch with family and went for an afternoon run. He even pooped, which is a big deal for Aiden with his tummy troubles šŸ˜†

I feel so lucky that out of all the mommies in the world, I have the privilege of calling sweet little Aiden mine. As I continue to navigate this crazy journey called parenthood I have to step back and try to remember to enjoy all of these ‘firsts’ because they are the only ones I will get. Sometimes I catch myself hoping Aiden will get to the next milestone when I should just enjoy where he is today, because I’m already finding out that it is true that they grow up way too fast!

To all the mother’s out there, happy mother’s day!! I hope you enjoyed your day as much as I enjoyed my first mother’s day.



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