Creating a Playroom in a Small Space

Christmas is over and Aiden was very fortunate to receive lots of great new toys from his family and Santa. However, in order to accommodate all the toys, we would ideally need to live in a small mansion and not our two bedroom townhouse. All of Aiden’s toys are in our main living area or in his bedroom. We have been creative in our use of space and I am sharing some tips for creating a playroom in a small space. We decided to give his space a travel/adventure theme. This is a quality that we would like to teach Aiden at a young age, so it seemed appropriate.

A baby comes with a lot of toys! We have been creative in our use of space and I am sharing some tips for creating a playroom in a small space.


All little boys need a teepee and rocking horse right? Well, Aiden does and those are the staples of his playroom. They are probably the largest items he has and we use those to mark out the playroom space. We have found that by containing all of his items to one location it makes the rest of the house seem unaffected by little kid toys. It also creates a space that we know is safe for him to play in.

Although the playroom is in our main living area we wanted it to have its own distinct feel so we added the beige Cars Lorena Canal Rug.  We love that the color and overall feel of the rug fits in the adult space in which it sits, but still has the fun pops of color that make it fit well for a sophisticated child’s space. Of course, the cars fit in well with the travel theme (and my new blog logo too coincidentally!)

The best part about this Lorena Canal rug? It is machine-washable and fit into a standard washer and dryer. I’m not kidding. Having a very messy one-year-old the rug washing theory has been tested and it is totally true. As if that wasn’t enough it is so SAFE for Aiden to be crawling all over for hours a day. It is handmade in India with natural dyes. It is eco and contains no VOCs.  If you aren’t totally convinced yet, proceeds for the rugs support the Sakula Project, and provide schooling for children in India. Hopefully, you see now why I had to have one of these rugs.

Finding multi-use furniture

When we moved into our home we knew space would be tough the older Aiden got so when we were looking for new furniture we tried to find things that served multiple purposes. For example, our couch has hidden storage under the cushion. We don’t leave all of Aiden’s toys out at a time. We try to rotate through things, so the things that are not out are stored in his closet or under the seat cushion. This also helps if we have company and we want to keep more of his things out of the way.

Have a home for everything

We have a rule that everything must have a dedicated space. That way, we know it fits somewhere and looks clean and uncluttered. We are big fans of baskets and the multi-use furniture pieces to help accomplish this one.  This also helps us keep the house clean because we can put everything back where it belongs at the end of the day. We also keep a lot of Aiden’s toys in the teepee. We pull things out during the day when he wants to play and then hide them in there at night when he is done.

Keep your small space in mind

When you are making a wishlist for your baby/toddler keep your small space in mind. Aiden did not have any large items (other than the before mentioned rocking horse and teepee) on his wishlist simply because we don’t have space. We try to ask for books and blocks and things that can have a home and be easily stored.

A baby comes with a lot of toys! We have been creative in our use of space and I am sharing some tips for creating a playroom in a small space.

Do you have a small space? What tricks do you use to maximize space?

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A baby comes with a lot of toys! We have been creative in our use of space and I am sharing some tips for creating a playroom in a small space.
A baby comes with a lot of toys! We have been creative in our use of space and I am sharing some tips for creating a playroom in a small space.

Disclosure: I received a rug from Lorena Canal in exchange for my honest review of the product. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog!



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  • Amie Retzlaff

    The machine washable run blew my mind. That is something I NEED. Yes need, not want!! Thanks!

    • Melissa

      It’s a game changer Amie!!

  • Amy Scott

    Couldn’t agree more with the use of baskets/containers. Otherwise I feel everything exists as more of a pile than in keeping with the home.

    • Melissa

      So true Amy!

  • Elizabeth Whatmamaknows

    That rocking horse is adorable 🙂

  • Kim Reed

    That rug is so cute and perfect! We have a colorful one in our playroom, but it’s definitely not machine safe. That would be a game-changer!

  • This is great! I did something similar for my baby in our living area. My two kids will be sharing a room, but we did a baby area in our living area for now.

  • Crystal Gareau

    Wonderful post. I love those little baskets – they come in such great use. I use them now in the bedrooms for the teenagers.

  • Andrea | Messy Nest Mama

    I love this rug!! We just made a small play area in our living room for our six month old. It is so nice for him to have his own space!

  • This is so lovely! When my daughter was a toddler we made her a mini playroom in our little cellar room. It had a very low ceiling so couldn’t be used for much but made a perfect little playroom, with all her child size things it looked so cute! Katie xx

  • This is adorable! I LOVE the rug.

  • These were such great tips and I’ll definitely pass them on to my friends. I love the idea of using ‘Multi-Purpose’ furniture n that rug is super cute.

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  • Aurora

    Great ideas. I need to put some of these things into practice.

  • Patty G.

    I like your ideas! It is especially important to have furniture with multiple uses and to have a place for everything! Thanks for sharing your ideas!

    God bless,

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