Birth Prep Online Birth Classes: An Interview with Creator Mandy Roberson

Birth Prep Online Pregnancy Course: An Interview with Creator Mandy Roberson featured by top US mommy blog, Baby Castan on Board
When I found out I was pregnant again I was very excited, of course, but also anxious. I did not have a great birth experience with Aiden mainly because I had a lot of fear about childbirth and really didn’t want to know all the details. I figured my doctors would just tell me what to do and that I would figure things out along the way. The only class I took was the hospital provided class that the doctor strongly recommends (which is really not a helpful class at all!) This time around I am determined to have a better birth experience and that starts with educating myself on the birth process and my options. When I found out Mandy from Momma Society created online birth classes, Birth Prep, I signed up right away. I have loved following her blog over the last three years and she is a childbirth educator so I knew the information would be helpful. I interviewed Mandy to find out a little more about Birth Prep and why she created it!
Birth Prep Online Pregnancy Course: An Interview with Creator Mandy Roberson featured by top US mommy blog, Baby Castan on Board
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When I signed up for her online birth classes, I got a sweet personal note from Mandy along with some goodies and an invitation to the private Facebook group — just for Birth Prep moms. Since she keeps the class small it’s a more personal experience even though it’s virtual. I loved being able to take the class on my schedule and going back to review the modules that were most helpful (ie; relaxation and breathing techniques). Even Dan got a lot of out of the modules and how to better support me. This online birth preparation course comes with a little workbook which includes a lot of helpful information on packing your hospital bag, creating a birth plan, and journaling for both you and your partner. It also includes some sections about caring for a newborn and preparing for postpartum. These are topics that aren’t covered enough, so I am glad Mandy talks about them in Birth Prep!
Birth Prep Online Pregnancy Course: An Interview with Creator Mandy Roberson featured by top US mommy blog, Baby Castan on Board

Interview with Mandy, creator of Birth Prep Online Birth Course:

Why did you create this course?

I created Birth Prep after a really blah birth experience with my son Brody 4+ years ago. I had taken classes, read books, and did #allthethings, but when I gave birth I realized it had not prepared me for what labor and postpartum were really like. After becoming a certified childbirth educator and having a completely empowering birth experience with my daughter 2 years later, I knew I needed to find a way to better educate moms on birth and their options.

Why should moms take this course?

Moms should take online birth classes so they are able to go into birth with an understanding of what their body is doing and how to work with their body. Moms that take birth classes typically go into birth feeling more relaxed and calm. This can truly make a difference in their birth experience. I hear from moms all of the time, even moms with multiple children already, telling me they didn’t know they had some of the options I teach in Birth Prep.

What can moms expect to get out of these online birth classes?

Moms will come out of Birth Prep with a completed birth plan in hand, a toolbox of coping techniques to use during labor and a plan for postpartum. The Birth Prep mommas also have personal access to a childbirth educator (hi!) for their entire pregnancy and postpartum. One of my favorite parts of Birth Prep is helping with the moms outside of the course–from the emails when they are in early labor to the messages with questions their first days of postpartum, it is my biggest pleasure to be their support.

Is Birth Prep only for first-time moms?

Not at all! Birth Prep is designed for moms who are craving knowledge and tools that will help them go into birth with an understanding of the process. Whether this is your 1st baby or your 4th baby, you’ll gain new insights and tools into labor. I know I sure forgot all. the. things. during the 2.5 years between my births. The Parenthood Prep workbook (which is exclusive to Birth Prep mommas) even has a couple of pages geared towards moms who have other children.

What type of birth does this course support?

Birth Prep is designed to support the modern mom who wants an empowering birth. Whether this means using an epidural (I teach you how and when to best use it!) or going the unmedicated route (I give you the toolkit full of comfort measures to use) I cover it heavily in Birth Prep. This course is not designed for moms who have a scheduled c-section, as it is heavily focused on vaginal deliveries. But, be on the lookout for a course specifically geared towards c-sections in the near future.

What makes these online birth classes different than what you might find in a hospital provided course?

I designed every detail of Birth Prep with the modern mom in mind. I understand she is busy and wants to know the non-sugar coated version of birth. I spent an entire year surveying mommas-to-be and new moms on what they wish they would have known about birth and postpartum before creating Birth Prep. Many hospital courses break up birth content into multiple classes you have to take separately (birth, postpartum, newborn care, breastfeeding etc). With Birth Prep it is all included. Another big difference between hospital courses and Birth Prep is that Birth Prep mommas have lifetime access to the course, including all updates and added content! You can hop back on and retake a lesson at any time.

What is the number one thing you would want moms to know about labor and delivery?

The more you know, the more options you have!

Is Birth Prep just for moms or can/should dads participate too?

This course is designed for moms to take alongside their partners. Partners can be the best coaches and cheerleaders during labor and it is great to be on the same page together. There is also a bonus freebie right now with Birth Prep called Partner Prep. It’s a short course just for partners that covers how they can help mom during labor, what to expect during postpartum and even ways they can bond with their baby.

How can moms sign up for your online birth classes, how often do you run the course, etc.?

We host a session of Birth Prep every month! We keep it small and intimate with a max of 8 moms in a session. When’s the best time to take it? Usually, the sweet spot is when mom is somewhere between 20-34 weeks along.
Birth Prep Online Pregnancy Course: An Interview with Creator Mandy Roberson featured by top US mommy blog, Baby Castan on Board

If you are pregnant (or are looking for a great Baby Shower gift), I highly recommend the Birth Prep online birth classes. The information is definitely worth the investment and you have lifetime access (including updates to the information) for future babies. You can check out all the details and sign up here.

What about you? Did you take a pregnancy course during your pregnancy? I would love to hear about your experience.

You can check out Mandy on Facebook and Instagram. If you are a new mom you will want to join the Momma Society Facebook Group!



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