Filling a First Easter Basket for Baby 0-3 Months


I had lots of fun last weekend getting ready for Aiden’s first Easter! We colored Easter eggs and I put together an Easter basket. I wanted to get things that would be useful rather than just get more stuff” that would clutter up the house. Here are some ideas to fill an Easter basket for baby 0-3 months.

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I found the basket and shredded paper at Michaels, they had a great 40% off sale on  Easter items plus they always have additional percentage off coupons on their website. I went with a basket that we could use every year rather than one I would just throw away.

Most of the stuff that went inside the Easter basket for baby 0-3 months came from Target. They had a few Easter things for babies, but for the most part, I stuck with buying items that were bunnies, lambs or chicks, and spring colors. I also added two bags of Reese’s Pieces in a carrot bag because I figure my husband and I deserve an Easter treat too 🙂

babycastanonboard-Easter basket for baby 0-3 months

Here’s what I put in the Easter basket for baby 0-3 months:

Bunny lovey (similar): Aiden is into playing with toys now (and eating them). We didn’t get a ton of toys before he was born, so this is a perfect addition to the basket.

Baby lamb rattle: I thought this lamb rattle was really cute and it is something small I can throw in the car seat or stroller to keep him occupied. Here is another similar option.

Easter bath books (package of two — in-store at Target): I found these in the “under five dollars” Easter section at Target. Aiden doesn’t have bath toys and loves books so I picked up a package.

Mam bite and relax: Aiden is not teething yet, but I picked this up for when the time comes.

Mam pacifiers: In our house pacifiers seem to magically disappear. I took this opportunity to buy a two-pack in spring colors.

Templeton Silver pacifier clip: The sterling silver pacifier clips are gorgeous and perfect for an Easter basket. Aiden is constantly dropping his so this is a necessity and the really cool thing is that the pacifier clip turns into a bracelet for you when your baby outgrows it. Read more about Templeton Silver here.

Eric Carle stroller cards: I got these from Amazon. I thought they would be perfect to hang on the car seat and stroller. I loved Eric Carle when I was little, and I am excited to read his books to Aiden!

Here are some other ideas:

Carrot teether: This cute carrot teether has two different textures for different stages of teething and is a super adorable design. It’s a great basket filler especially if your little one is just getting to the teething stage.

Goodnight Moon Activity Toy: Goodnight Moon is such a classic so when I saw this adorable activity toy I thought it would be perfect for an Easter basket.

What did you include in your baby’s first Easter basket?

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For Aiden's first Easter basket I wanted to get things that would be useful. Here are some ideas to fill your 0-3 months old baby's Easter basket.






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