Holiday Gift Guide: Top 10 Best Gifts for a 4 Year Old Boy on Amazon

Top 10 Best Gifts for a 4 Year Old Boy featured by top US mom blog, Baby Castan on Board

As Aiden gets older I have more fun finding gifts for him. There is so much out there to choose from I figured I would round-up the top 10 best gifts for a 4 year old boy — these are all on Amazon so great for last-minute gifts.

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Top 10 Best Gifts for a 4 Year Old Boy on Amazon

Learning Resources Coding Critters Ranger & Zip

I love all the interactive toys that teach early coding skills. This cute set has several ways to play and interact and Aiden is at just the right age for something like this.

Brio Trains

I think Brio trains have been on my little guy’s list every year. This year is no different. His little imagination is running wild these days and he loves making up scenarios with his trains. Bonus points that they are something that keeps him entertained that doesn’t require a screen. They have also expanded their Smart Tech line (trains that go on their own and interact via Bluetooth) so we have some of the new Smart Tech sets on his list to add to the collection.

Osmo Genius Kit

I am so excited about the Osmo Genius Kit. It includes educational activities that work with the Fire tablet or iPad to bring the activities to life. It does not require Wifi which makes it perfect for travel.

Board Games

We are at the perfect age for board games. In the last year, Aiden has been really into Candy Land, Hoot Hoot Owl, and this Five Little Fish memory game. We added the I Can Do That Game and Mental Blox Jr. Early Logic Game to his list for this year.


Play-Doh is always a great gift. Aiden has been requesting this Fire Truck Play-Doh set on repeat.


I honestly didn’t think we were at the Lego stage yet, until Aiden got two small sets (one I brought home from Copenhagen and one he did at a Barnes and Noble event) and I realized how good he was at following the directions and building the kits. I added this starter kit and this entry-level Frozen kit to his list.

Lego Travel Tray

A Lego Travel Tray rounds out a perfect Lego gift. This tray can be used as a baseplate at home or on-the-go. If you have a bit more time, this personalized version I found on Etsy would be a great personalized gift.

Boxer Interactive Robot

We got Aiden a Boxer Interactive Robot for his birthday and he is obsessed. It’s a robot with a little personality which is funny and it can do quite a few things including playing with a ball. It’s a toy Aiden will grow into for sure.

Brio Builder Set

Anything that involves building or creative thinking is a perfect gift. The Brio Builder Sets foster both. Aiden received a small set last year and he has recently been more into building things with him so I added an expansion pack so that he has more to work with.

Little Passports

My mom gifted Aiden a Little Passports subscription last year and it was SO GOOD that she renewed it again this year. It’s not the least expensive gift but it is so worth the money and a lot of fun to do on weekend afternoons if the weather isn’t great.

Does your four year old have any of these items on his list? I would love to hear any other ideas you may have in the comments!

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