Tips for Taking Your Baby to His (or her) First Baseball Game


Baseball is a huge part of our life. Once April rolls around it’s basically all you will find on our TV — or at least it used to be until we cut cable and now can’t get our local games 😆 — but you get the idea. We took Aiden to four baseball games last year (they are free for children under 2 assuming they sit in your lap) and I never wrote about it, so I figured now is as good a time as any to give you the best tips for taking your baby to his or her first baseball game.

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Plus, we will be taking him to a few games in the next couple of months so I can write a follow up about taking a toddler to the game because I am sure it is more difficult!

Here are my best tips for taking your baby to his or her first baseball game:

1. Bring them in a carrier and do not bring a stroller.

There is really no place to put a stroller. Most stadiums will allow you to drop one off a guest services, but I can assure you it will not be convenient. Not to mention there are a ton of people walking around especially near the entrances and they are not watching out for a stroller so you will get run into and will likely run into others. A carrier is a much better alternative because it is much easier to maneuver in the crowds and if he gets tired he can sleep. You can check out my favorite carriers here. Keep in mind, if you are wearing them, you can walk them right through the metal detector.


2. Check out the Breastfeeding Lounge!

Unless you are in a really old stadium (and even those have a lot of great amenities) there is most likely a breastfeeding lounge which is perfect for feeding time. It’s also great if your little one gets overstimulated and needs a little break — or if it starts down pouring and there is a rain delay 😆

The lounge I visited at Nationals Park had plenty of comfortable seats, a tv to watch the game and was guarded so randos couldn’t walk in. There were also hospital grade breastpumps in case you needed that service. If you do not have a breastfed baby you can bring in a factory sealed bottle of water and formula powder. However, check your local stadium’s rules for details on what is allowed.

3. Wear a jersey and get to the game early!

Here’s the thing baseball players love little fans so if you get to the game early enough you might have the opportunity to get a ball signed. Also, keep in mind, if you are near a foul line there is actually a rule that the ball girls have to give kids wearing the home team’s gear any foul balls first! Aiden got his first jersey when he was still in the womb!


4. Be prepared that you will not stay the whole time!

Manage your expectations. If you are like us, in the past we never left the game early…ever (even if it was 40 degrees in April and we had to drink cold hot chocolate). But when an infant is involved things change. The games start late on the weeknights (which is the best time to go due to crowds and heat) and they are long. So your baby might sleep right through a lot of the game but you still don’t want to be out all night.



5. Don’t forget to get a first game certificate!

Did you know you can get a certificate to commemorate your little one’s first game? We didn’t either so we ended up getting it on his second game (shhhhh!) Just go to guest services and they will give you one!

Baseball  is such a great family activity and it’s not as stressful as I thought it would be to take a baby, plus we have some great memories and souvenirs.

Have you taken your baby to his or her first baseball game? Share your tips in the comments!

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We took our baby to four baseball games last year. Here are the best tips for taking your baby to his or her first baseball game.
We took our baby to four baseball games last year. Here are the best tips for taking your baby to his or her first baseball game.

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