Product Review: Nuby Comfort 360 6 Stage Bottle to Cup Kit

A few weeks ago I wrote a review on the Nuby Comfort 360 Plus+ Bottles. In the review, I mentioned that Nuby offers a transition set — the Nuby Comfort 360 Six-Stage Bottle to Cup Kit. Nuby sent me the set to try and as awesome as it looked on the Babies R’ Us website, I  was thrilled to find how many pieces come in this kit and how great it actually is.

A review of the Nuby Comfort 360 Six-Stage Bottle to Cup Kit. It is available exclusively at Babies 'R Us and is perfect for newborns through toddlers.Disclosure: I received a Nuby Comfort 360 Six-Stage Bottle to Cup Kit in exchange for my honest review. However, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the companies that support this blog!


The Nuby Comfort 360 Six-Stage Bottle to Cup Kit comes with several pieces:

  • A 9 oz bottle with slow flow nipple and 360-degree straw (This is basically one of the Nuby Comfort 360 Plus+ Bottles that I wrote about in my previous post)
  • A 9 oz bottle with silicone spout, handles, and adaptor
  • A flip-it top with silicone straw top
  • A 360 wonder cup sipper top

I love that this set grows with your baby — all of these pieces build off each other to accommodate every stage of a baby learning to drink like a big kid.  If you have started your baby on sippy cups you know how hard it can be to find one that your baby can drink from AND that doesn’t leak or spill. I have found that all of the different bottles/tops in this set check off both boxes — which is pretty amazing!

At around eight months, we started Aiden on sippy cups for water to try to get him comfortable using them in preparation for one-year when we anticipated weaning him from the bottle. We went through tons of different sippy cups to try to find one that Aiden would use.   As I mentioned in my previous post, I wish I would have had this kit earlier because it has everything and Aiden is able to use all the tops without issue.  I think it helps that the bottle (cup) part doesn’t change so it always feels the same to him — it’s just the top that changes!

In the last month, we started seriously weaning Aiden from a bottle and he has been drinking exclusively from a sippy cup. This package came at the perfect time because we were able to start him on the top with the spout and handles which provided a seamless transition from bottle to cup.  The handles were the perfect size for Aiden’s little hands. At sixteen months (today!) we are now using the Wonder Sipper Top which was also a seamless transition from the spout and handles top.  We’ve even noticed that when we let him drink from our cup he is better with controlling the flow of water to his mouth, so I can tell he is learning from this top. When we are on the go, we love the flip-it top, especially because the straw stays clean and sanitary when we throw it in the diaper bag because the top covers the straw.

The Nuby Comfort 360 Six-Stage Bottle to Cup Kit is offered exclusively at Babies R’ Us. It is the perfect gift for a new mom because it is something that will work from day one with the Comfort 360 Plus+ Bottle to toddler life with the Comfort 360 Plus+ Cup with Wonder Sipper Top.

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A review of the Nuby Comfort 360 Six-Stage Bottle to Cup Kit. It is available exclusively at Babies 'R Us and is perfect for newborns through toddlers.
A review of the Nuby Comfort 360 Six-Stage Bottle to Cup Kit. It is available exclusively at Babies 'R Us and is perfect for newborns through toddlers.



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  • Bonnie Marrow

    This looks like a great transitional tool, I could use one for my little lol

  • Such a great product! I think I need this for my son!

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

  • Babies to Bookworms

    I love that this helps kids transition from stage to stage. It’s so helpful when then they can drink out of different kinds of cups. That 360 one took us by surprise when my daughter got one! We weren’t quite sure how it worked at first but I think it’s great for transitioning to regular cups!

  • Sam Rosenfeld

    Thank you for sharing this helpful article- and the pictures are so precious!

  • I love our Nuby 360. My son prefers it over the other cups too! It took me a minute to figure it out there 😉

  • brittany

    I definitely want to check this cup out. I work in the Mothers Day Out program at my church and I’m pretty sure one of my little girls there came in with this cup the other day!

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  • Dagmar

    Thanks for the awesome review! This would be great for my son when we wean him off the bottle!

  • Zoe Chen

    May I ask is it proper to use the handle in the 6 Stage Bottle to Cup Kit with the Nuby Comfort 360 Plus+ “silicone” Bottle (the squeezable one)? Thank you!

    • Melissa

      Hi Zoe! Yes, you can. The tops on the cup kit fit on the bottles of the 360+ bottle set. I hope that makes sense!

      • Zoe Chen

        Thank you very much!!