Most Used Baby Items From Month Seven

month seven kick and play

Month seven was a big one for Aiden, but we are still using a lot of the same things from month six! Here are our most used baby items from month seven!

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Aiden still sleeps in his ZipadeeZip in the DockaTot (Save $10 with this referral link). He will not use the Mam pacifiers anymore, he only wants his Wubbanub. He uses his crib now for nap time (yay!) which is new from previous months when he was only using it to sleep at night.

Bath and Body

We still love Burt’s Bees shampoo/body wash, lotion and diaper rash creme. For diapers, we still mostly use Pampers Swaddlers and are pretty happy with them; however, we did try Parasol diapers and they are really nice, similar to Honest Company, but better in my opinion. They are super soft and don’t leak. I also didn’t notice any irritation when we used them. The downside is they are expensive and subscription-based, so we will see if I break down and order a subscription.most used baby items from month seven-DC-Motherhood Blog-Road trip aiden with car toyNow that Aiden is six months we felt more comfortable using essential oils. Some great essential oils for babies are lavender, Roman chamomile, German chamomile, and lemon. We use oils for crying, teething and diaper rash. Contact me for more information on how to get oils.

Play Time

The Kick and Play, Beatbo and exersaucer are still Aiden’s favorite toys. We went on a road trip and bought this travel toy which we keep in the car so he likes to play with that too. We also have lots of teething toys which I wrote about here.

Summer Fun

Now that summer is here we are outside a lot. We got this great Summer Infant Playard as a gift and I like to put it on our balcony with toys so Aiden can be outside. It is portable so it can also be used inside once he is more mobile and needs to be contained.

When we go on walks I usually bring a swaddle blanket to put over the stroller so the sun isn’t in his eyes. We also have lots of sun hats — my favorite right now is an adorable bucket hat from HappyHenOrganic (no longer available 🙁 ) Here is an alternate. We spend the weekend in the pool so we are using the i play swim diaper because the disposable swim diapers aren’t small enough. Of course, we need a pool to swim in, so we use this basic Intex inflatable pool, and I also love this inflatable pool. The sunshade is a nice feature!


Not much new to report here. Everything is the same as month five and six! We have been working on introducing sippy cups, but haven’t found one we really like yet.

I think that’s about it for our favorite and most used items month seven. Are any of these on your most used baby items from month seven?

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Seven months was a big one for Aiden, we used a lot of baby gear and products. A summary of our most used baby items in month seven!







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