Working Out With Your Baby: Five Tips to Keep Fit


Before and during my pregnancy I went to the gym regularly. Once Aiden arrived it was really hard to make time to get to the gym, especially since Dan and my schedules don’t overlap that often. Thanks to technology, there are work-out-at-home options, and even apps like Busy Moms’ Fitness which was created specifically for moms! Working out with your baby is a great option, and I am very excited that Monika from Busy Mom’s Fitness has agreed to share some tips for incorporating your baby into your workout routine. Also, don’t forget to check them out on Instagram, where they give lots of great work-out tips and recipes.

working-out-with-babyFive Tips to Keep Fit With a Little Baby

By Monika

“Just” staying at home with your baby may seem to be a relaxing job for an outsider who has no kids, but that is far from being true. The house is a big mess, you face lots of sleepless nights, you have no chance to work out in a fitness club, not to mention pay a visit to the hairdresser —  or going out with friends….

Does this sound familiar? Having a baby is a really hard, 24/7 job! You are not the only mom, who feels that suddenly a little cute baby – who may not be able to turn from one side to the other – holds the remote control of your life. You may feel lost between feeding your baby and changing diapers, and cannot even think about your own personal needs.

However, if you find the way to recharge yourself, both you and your family, will benefit from it!

One thing that you may overlook when you are on this ever so tiring treadmill is exercising. Believe me, finding the time to move your muscles makes you feel fitter and energized. It helps you to regain your shape, and you will even have better, and more relaxing, sleep. Start moving your body lightly, and you can gradually increase the workload as you get more fit. The great news is that you don’t necessary need to leave your baby when you are working out.

You can start exercising with him/her gently after the age of three months, always considering safety first.

Be creative, and find new ways to use your little training partner. He/she will enjoy the up and down or the side-to-side moves as well as the rhythms of your movements.

You can use your baby held in your arms, or in a baby carrier, as extra weight for leg exercises like squats, lunges and calf raises. Or, by lifting him/her to tone your arms and shoulders. Here are some tips how you can keep fit, even if you don’t have time to spend hours working out in a fitness center

1. Hold your baby in your arms or in a baby carrier and dance with him/her – your baby will enjoy it as much as you do! It may also help him/her to fall asleep!

2. Go out at least for an hour intense walk daily with a pram, or baby carrier. Both of you will benefit from the positive effect of fresh air.

3. Hold your baby in your arms or in a baby carrier and gently do some squats and lunges. Be sure your baby is safely held and use support if you need to keep your Keep your baby in your hands and lift him/her up from your chest above your head then back. Repeat it 10-15 times, your baby will definitely enjoy it!fitness-with-baby-arms5. Try the Busy Moms’ Fitness app to integrate a 10-minute new mom & baby daily workout routines into your life with a colorful bunch of exercises and get back in shape with the delicious but still healthy recipes! fitness-with-baby-core-strength

Working out with your baby will not only help you keep fit, but will also create a strong physical and emotional connection between the two of you!

To be able to take the best care of your loved ones, first, you have to take care of yourself!

If you are a new mom, before starting exercising, always consult with your OB/GYN!

Hello everyofitness-with-baby-Kari-2ne! My name is Monika, I’m a 38-year-old mom of two beautiful girls (5 and 7). After having my kids my previous life has completely changed. Little by little I implemented tiny tricks to meet my personal needs, and goals, even as a busy mom. I’m a Health and Recreation professional, sport and life coach. I help adults and kids to explore their full potential and reach their goals and dreams. I work in the fantastic team of Busy Moms’ Happy Tribe. Aiming to help moms to become healthy and fit, and support them in all issues related to kids and family.









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