Six Father’s Day Gifts for Toddler Dads

Father's Day Gifts for Toddler Dads by popular DC mommy blogger Baby Castan on Board

Father’s Day is right around the corner. I am usually super organized and have a pretty good idea of what to get Dan. I love shopping for Father’s Day gifts during Memorial Day Weekend because I can usually find a good deal. I did some research and here are my top six ideas for Father’s Day gifts for toddler dads.

Father's Day Gifts for Toddler Dads by popular DC mommy blogger Baby Castan on Board

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Raincoat: We just recently had 10 full days of rain. It was crazy, but our toddler was in heaven. He is obsessed with umbrellas, rain boots, and jumping in puddles. One thing I quickly realized is that Dan does not have the proper rain attire for spending time in the rain. I love the Shoreline Jacket (heavy) and Shoreline Vapor Jacket (lightweight) from Carhartt. They come in several great colors. Plus if you spend $125 or more at Carhartt you get a free six-pack beverage sling which is a perfect Father’s Day gift on its own (ends 5/28/18).

Rain boots: We were fortunate enough to get a pair of Hunter Boots for Dan from the Hunter line at Target. They came in handy during the rainy spring days. Plus, he could get in on the puddle jumping fun. They are no longer available at Target but there are some on sale on the Hunter website.

Carry on Bag: I travel quite a bit for work so my luggage is pretty good. Dan, however, not so much. We are planning a few trips this year with the little guy, so I really want to get him a nice quality carry-on with wheels for flights as well as shorter car trips. I LOVE this 22-inch Herschel Supply Highland Bag. The best part? It’s part of the Nordstrom half-yearly sale and is under $100!

Swimwear: Our pool opens this weekend and I know we all will be spending a lot of time in it. It seems like every year Dan needs a new pair. They end up lost, ripped, or they just don’t fit. I love the swim options (and price) at Old Navy.  Also, have you seen the mini-me collection at Old Navy? There are some really cute beach-y dad and toddler options to complete the beach/pool theme.

Card Holder Phone Case: Dan got one of these for me and it is a game changer so I want to do the same for him. Now that we are constantly running around after a toddler it’s great to have an id, credit cards, and phone all in one case. Before I had this case I just had one of the pockets that stick to the back of the phone. I was always worried about the cards falling out or people stealing my information. Your cards fit inside the case so it’s much more secure and safe.

Matching Jack & Winn Hats: I love Jack & Winn hats for my toddler so I was really excited to find out that they have matching dad and toddler hats! Aiden and Dan got a set for Christmas and I just might do another set for Father’s Day too.

And a bonus seventh idea!

Tickets to a baseball game: Dan loves baseball and Aiden is already developing a love for the game too! Sometimes experiences are the best gifts especially if dad has a lot of *things*. This is a great place to show off matching jerseys or the Jack and Winn hats! Check out these tips on taking your baby and toddler to a baseball game.

Father's Day Gifts for Toddler Dads by popular DC mommy blogger Baby Castan on Board

Have you figured out your idea for Father’s Day gifts yet? I would love to hear your ideas!

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