The Best Gifts for Babies in the Fourth Trimester (0-3 Months)


Last Christmas, Aiden was only three weeks old. At that point, there wasn’t a ton of stuff we really needed for him because we received the bulk of what we needed for the early months at our baby shower and right after his birth. For the unlucky babies who have an October-December birthday this one is for you (I can say that because my birthday is three days after Christmas!) Here are the best gifts for babies in the fourth trimester (0-3 months) and a giveaway from Templeton Silver!

So, what do you get a baby who already has everything he or she needs? There may still be some things from the registry that weren’t received. However, it will likely be heavily picked through.  You can ask the baby’s mom or dad if there is anything they really wanted that they didn’t get. That can be a good place to start. If there is nothing, or it’s all too much/too little ( just not right) try some of these gifts for babies 0-3 months! The best part about these gifts is many of them will last the first year or even longer!

Hat/blanket set: Trust me when I say you can never have enough blankets or hats (especially if you have a baldy like we do). I don’t think I received any hats before Aiden was born, but because it was cold outside he wore one every day. I love this Teal Subway Baby Blanket by Little Faces Apparel. Use promo code GG15 to get 15% off through the end of the year.

Hat/gloves: Along the same line as above, a baby will need scratch mittens! I love Happy Hen Organics’ Winter Baby Bear Bonnet  or Baby Bear Hat  and adorable Scratch Mittens. If you recognize the name it’s probably because Aiden lived in his summer Happy Hen Organics Hat all summer and I wrote about it a few times!

Message Teddy Bear: One great thing to get a new baby is a memory keepsake. I love this My FIRST Teddy Bear from Message Teddy Bear Company. The baby’s name is printed on the front and birth details on the back. It is THE SOFTEST bear you will ever feel! It also comes from a company with a great story — a family owned and operated knitting mill that has survived several challenges including Hurricane Sandy.  Use the code COLLAB8mc to get 20% off your purchase.

Starting solids supplies:  Things that we didn’t get during our baby shower were supplies for starting solids. Really, we started thinking about that process at around four months so it would have been great to have everything ready to go. You can get ideas for starting solids in this post. I would start with a set of bowls, and the books Baby Led Weaning and Little Foodie, and spoons (Hint: the spoons and bowls are really cheap as add-on items at Amazon!)

Hooded towel: One thing I felt we didn’t have enough of in those first three months was hooded towels. We had two and I think we could have used at least three or four. I love these hooded towels from Stitches by Natalie. The other great thing about these hooded towels is that they are larger than some of the more popular baby brands so you will get more use out of them.  Also from this shop, you can get an embroidered memory blanket dog. If you are like us you may have left the hospital *accidentally* with several blankets. By three months they won’t really be useful anymore so having one of these made is such a cute idea and a great keepsake.

Personalized labels: Right around 2-3 months is when a lot of working mamas have to go back to work and there is a good chance the baby might be starting daycare soon. One thing he or she will need is labels for bottles, clothes, and personal belongings. StickerKid makes really cute personalized labels specifically for babies that are starting daycare called the “Dream Baby Pack.” The stickers are dishwasher safe and iron on labels are machine washable.  They have tons of designs to personalize your labels. Use the code BABYC5 for 5% off your purchase.


Templeton Silver Pacifier Clip: So this is one of my favorite things ever. A pacifier clip that turns into a bracelet for mom once baby no longer needs it. I am such a keepsake/memory freak so I LOVE that once Aiden stops requiring a pacifier clip I can wear it. Anything multi-use is great with me! There are other benefits too, of course. Sterling silver is a great choice for a pacifier clip because it is naturally microbial, so there are 85% less germs than a plastic/fabric clip. Also, if the baby in your life is anything like Aiden one of his favorite tricks might be throwing the pacifier or teether which makes a clip like this essential. Even better? Templeton Silver sent me an extra pacifier clip to give to a Baby Castan on Board reader! Please refer to the Rafflecopter link below for details on how to enter.


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What are your go-to gifts for the fourth-trimester baby?

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For new babies who have a October-December birthday this one is for you. Here are the best gifts for the fourth trimester (0-3 months).
For new babies who have a October-December birthday this one is for you. Here are the best gifts for the fourth trimester (0-3 months).

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