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During my pregnancy, I read all the books that said don’t track your baby it will only make you crazy. Once Aiden came; however, I don’t know how people don’t track their baby! Baby brain is real and there is no way I could remember everytime he ate or slept. Here is our round-up of best apps for new mamas (and dadas too!) Between the new parent stress and baby brain I was lucky if I remembered to shower, never mind when the last time Aiden ate, slept or pooped (especially in those early days)!

Thanks to technology, I found a bunch of useful apps to help me keep track of Aiden, and also keep him distracted at times. I often find myself wondering how our parents survived without a cell phone or tablet?

Here are the best apps for new mamas:

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Feedbaby — This app is available in the App Store and Google Play and tracks EVERYTHING (feeding, sleeping, bathroom, baths, teeth, vaccines, height/weight, etc.). If you get the “pro” version (for a small, but worth it fee) it will sync with your significant others device or your other devices. I know a lot of experts “recommend” not tracking everything, but when you are in the first several months you will be lucky to remember your name never mind the last time your baby ate!

Baby Sleep— This app has lots of white noise options that might help soothe your baby. It was particularly helpful for us in the car. It is definitely available on Google Play, I am not sure about the App Store.

Sound Sleeper — I didn’t personally use this because I have an Android, and it’s not available, but it sounds cool! It has a listen feature which “hears” your baby cry and automatically plays white noise.

Moms Pump Here — This app will help you locate nursing rooms while you are out and about. Available on Google Play and the App Store.

Hulu — Although I try to limit Aiden’s time in front of a tv or tablet screen, there are times when I need to keep him distracted (like when I want to take a shower or throw in a load of laundry). There are some cute Nursery Rhyme “shows” that are cute that will occupy him for 20 minutes or so. Our favorite is “Songs and Rhymes”. This can also be good for Mom during those late night nursing feeds. Available in Google Play and the App Store.

Baby Musical Instruments/Baby Phone Games/Baby FlashCards for Kids — These are all little games that are colorful, musical and somewhat educational (or at least that’s what I tell myself!). They work on hand-eye coordination and cause and effect. We use these if we are out at a restaurant or some other public place and need to distract him.

KidloLand — This app is a paid app, but I am still including it on my best apps for new mamas because it includes 1000+ nursery rhymes, songs, stories, activities, and games for toddlers and kids. It is very high quality and I love the songs and graphics.

Busy Moms’ Fitness — A paid fitness app which was created specifically for moms!You can read more about it here — plus get a few exercises that you can do with your baby.

Let me know what apps you can’t live without!

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