Post-Baby Style: Post-Pregnancy Jeans

I used to work at Madewell, so I guess you could say denim is my thing — and I am definitely a denim snob. One of the more difficult things for me post pregnancy (or even during pregnancy for that matter) was figuring out what to do about my beloved jeans. As I’ve mentioned before, I do not want to spend a lot of money on clothes I won’t wear for very long (especially when I can buy baby clothes) and by three months, as comfortable as those maternity jeans are, they were not cutting it anymore so I set out to find some post-pregnancy jeans.


Here are my recommendations for the best post-baby, reasonably priced, transitional denim:

Skinny Jeans — Skinny jeans are my go to. They are flattering and comfortable. I actually found that the best skinny jeans for my in-between-size was by Levis at Target. The Levis Denizen Modern Skinny have just the right amount of stretch so they are really comfortable, but still look good, and will allow you to expand or shrink comfortably about two sizes. Consider the price point under $30, you can buy a light and a dark and be done right there!

Boyfriend Jeans — Boyfriend jeans are generous through the hip and thigh area and, therefore, great for hiding a little extra weight in that area. Again, I found a great pair of boyfriend jeans at Target for under $30! The Mosimo Boyfriend Crop are not as stretchy, but I went down a size to account for the relaxed hip/thigh.

High-wasted Jeans — High-wasted jeans are super flattering especially if you have a bit of a tummy you are trying to keep in — not to mention they will make you say “what mom butt!?” I found this great pair of Levis 721 distressed denim on sale and have been living in them ever since. High-wasted is a little harder to size properly. I went a size up, which worked out well.

What are your go to post-pregnancy jeans? Let me know, I am always looking for more!

I don't want to spend a lot of money on denim I won't wear long. Here are my recommendations for reasonably priced, transitional post-pregnancy jeans.



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